Spring drinks

 TAGS:Spring is back, the sun begins to shine, the days are longer and we are looking for fresh air. Thus, the most refreshing drinks are the stars of the season.

The terraces are filled with friends, installed in order to chat and have fun while the day goes away. In these encounters nothing better than to enjoy a good beer, if lager, much better, by providing less consistency, more freshness and lightness, and fewer degrees of alcohol.

The pink and white wines are perfect for outdoor midday. They can be combined with salads, pasta, paella, fish and as an appetizer before a heavy meal. And to wash it down, mid-afternoon, nothing better than a sweet wine that will combine perfectly with many different desserts.

The Saturday and Sunday noon spring are also perfect for informal meetings with friends or families. Gin and tonics is the perfect cocktail for this meeting, accompanying all sorts of meats and food.

In parallel, the pink martini also has a great success during this period of the year.  It’s the classic cocktails of all time; you can even enjoy it before dinner, something that is a getting more and more usual in European cities.

The heat makes us want sweeter flavors. The fruit liqueurs are perfect to quench thirst and provide new and sweet experiences to the palate: from peach, pear, to other more exotic flavors such as lychee, coconut, blackberry, guarana

 And after dinner, we recommend refreshing herbal liqueurs, coffee, pacharán or limoncello sweeter and milder.

 Do you dream about a fresh beer for the days of pre-summer heat? Here you go!

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Blanc Pescador



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Peñascal Rosado Aguja

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