Sweet wines from southern Spain

 TAGS:Spain is one of the countries of the world in which the quality and variety of wine is more prominent internationally, especially since, in recent decades, local producers, institutions and numerous appellations of origin have taken care of these areas, traditionally reserved to a few varieties.

Apart from the famous wines -reds and whites- of Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Penedes, to name just a few appellations, the sweet, fortified or ‘generous’ wines have always been placed among the most consumed varieties, especially Sherry, thanks to the success they have had for centuries in the British Isles and other European countries. 

The elaboration process, in fact, of most of the varieties produced in Spain, has remained unchanged for a long time and is born precisely from the need to preserve them for transport in times when this was extremely complicated, considering the long distances and sailing conditions. 

Thus, particularly in southern Spain, began to produce these wines, especially in Andalusia, but also in areas such as Valencian Community, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura, especially with grape varieties such as Pedro Ximenez, Malvasia, Moscatel and Monastrell, with infinite variations by region, type of soil, mixture of grapes, elaboration process… but all with a common counting, the hours of sunlight needed to get a grape with a high sugar content. 

Although these wines are usually taken after meals alone or to accompany desserts, often very well complemented with, it is also interesting pairing them with cheese, ham or other salty foods, offering a contrast of flavors which sometimes can be extraordinary and surprising.

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Tío Pepe



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Barbazul 2010



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