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Cocktails with absinthe

 TAGS:Cocktails with absinthe are very striking because of the diversity of colours, its alcoholic strength and aniseed aromas. And the main beverage of these cocktails, absinthe, is one of the best known and controversial European liquors in the world.

Used by poets and bohemians in France in the nineteenth century to find inspiration until its production was banned in 1915, it was originally used for medicinal purposes and sold in pharmacies. In ancient Greece it was used to treat malaria and jaundice. Absinthe has also been nicknamed “Fée Verte” or Green Fairy.

Absinthe is one of the spirits of anise family composed by wormwood (absinthe), fennel and anise, with high alcohol content (between 50% and 82%). In some U.S. states still prohibited, but this is a consequence of the history that precedes it in terms of excesses. Still, because of its high alcohol content, it is advisable not taking this drink pure.

Absinthe has a strong aroma and bitter taste, it is usually green or blue based on the level of aging and the light reaction of chlorophyll called vintage absinthes.

Stored a long time to acquire darker colors like yellow or amber shades (although nowadays all those colours are often added artificially). One way of being consumed is in the form of cocktails of different types.

Some of the most popular cocktails with absinth are:

Absinthe drip or “palomita”:


  • 1 part of absinthe
  • Melted sugar lumps
  • 3 parts of water
  • ice


It consists of a vessel or a big glass of absinthe with ice cubes and drops of melted sugar and 3 parts of water, this preparation takes on a milky color, very popular among connoisseurs of the drink and is an indicator of the cocktail been successful.

Moulin Rouge:


  • 1 / 3 of Absinthe
  • 1 / 3 Peach Liqueur
  • 1 / 3 of Grenadine
  • Ice


It consists in a glass of absinthe one third of absinthe, one third of peach liqueur and grenadine with plenty of ice, it?s a delicious and refreshing drink.

Absinthe Cocktail:


  • 1 oz of Absinthe
  • 1 oz of cold water
  • anise
  • angostura


It consists of 1 oz absinthe, 1 oz of ice water and angostura bitter to the taste -, stir all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve in a glass of champagne.

Absinthe Van Gogh:


  • 1 / 3 of Absinthe
  • 1 / 3 Lemon Juice
  • 1 / 3 of raspberry liqueur
  • ice


It consists of 1 third of absinthe, a third of concentrated lemon juice and 1 one third of raspberry liqueur to be added to the shaker and be well shaken, then serve in a glass with ice.

Have you ever tried absinthe? Today we recommend a couple of the classics:


One of the classic absinthes, originally from France.

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