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The future’s corkscrew, questioned


Some time ago we talked about a new device called Coravin, promising to retain the benefits of wine for longer by injecting inert gas through the cork, replacing the air inside and allowing its use without removing the cap, preventing the natural oxidation of the content, so the wine would maintain its flavour and aroma for much longer.

Well, now the same company that makes the spectacular -and expensive- ?future’s corkscrew?, so praised by most of the specialized media, has revealed, in a statement addressed to its users, and according to Inside Scoop SF, reports of incidents related to exploding bottles caused by a system malfunction of the gas injection device.

Although the damage caused by exploding bottles has no gravity, the manufacturer company of Coravin is trying to limit the negative image of these incidents by sending a free kit with a protective neoprene sleeve for bottles. In the words of the manufacturer, the problems occurred have involved ?a bottle that broke into four pieces and caused two broken teeth and a laceration that required stitches, four bottles broke and spilled its contents, and eight bottles broke into two pieces?.

Surely Coravin manufacturers are showing good resilience to these problems, in a clear attempt to preserve the image of the product and continue with their marketing, but they could not have foreseen this problem before? There wasn’t done enough tests before selling such innovative device? No doubt in the coming months we will see if the ?future’s corkscrew? continues its relentless advance among sommeliers and aficionados from around the world or they decide, as a precaution, back to traditional wine preservation systems.

For now, we recommend some of the classic corkscrew whose reliability is ensured by years of successful use:

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Sacacorchos Pulltex Pulltaps Silver Evolution

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