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The most original accessories for wine

Wine aereator

Are you planning presents for the 2011? Boring socks and the “essential” scarf? We’ve searched for some of the most amazing gifts, from the (sometimes), amazing world of wine accessories, and we bring them here to you just in case you need to return the “detail” to a “friend”

First, we’ll go with an accessory that is elegant and practical: a fixture electric wine aerator, which lets your aged wine or large reserve wine on the best conditions in less than 1 minute: 

Bosch corkscrewIf the gift that you have received is fun for you, and comes from a “handyman” nothing better than this “Bosch screwdriver” limited edition which comes with an accessory to uncork wines:

And if the gift comes from an “artist” and you can afford it, try this piece of art: an exclusive decanter design, at about a price of 2.000 euros. Of course, looking at the size of the decanter in respect to the bottle stay away when serving wine! 


But let us be bolder. Do you have a friend who is always getting fussy with the temperature of wine? Well, tease him … or his bottles. With this ultra-fast cooler, the bottles will be cool in about 5 minutes. As explained in this video. Just seeing how desperate the man is when he opens the fridge and sees that wine is not cold, we realize how bad we need this accessory:

But the pearl of this collection is the video that we present below. The device in question is called “The Chupistola”, so you can begin to imagine what it is. If someone really needs revenge and does not matter much if they realize of it, give them one of these and ask them to organize a party for the launch of “The Chupistola.” Suitable only for “trendies”: 

Have you got anything like these? Would you like to receive any of these? Do you suggest something else?