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Mezcal and Tequila, one family, two drinks

The Mezcal and Tequila have so many similarities that it might be difficult at first to taste the difference. But they both have very specific production processes. It enables consumers to differentiate these two popular  Mexico?s distillates that never go out of style.

Basically, Tequila is a variety of Mezcal. Tequila is the product of an industrial process that facilitates high production volumes and contains 49% carbohydrates and chemicals and Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage free of chemical additives, 100% made with agave with traditional processes.

The Tequila is from Jalisco while Mezcal is from Oaxaca. Tequila is made from agave Tequilana Weber while Mezcal is made from agave angustifolia Haw (this agave is bigger and has more sugars)

You can recognize the Mezcal for its strong aromatic flavor and the Tequila for its neutral taste. In the Mezcal bottle you can see a worm. This is a sign of authenticity. Other name for the Tequilana agave is blue agave. The plant produces the basic liquid with which the drink is made and grows between the towns of Tequila and Tepatiplán in a mountainous area.

For the production of Tequila, the agave pulp is squeezed. The juice is then mixed with sugarcane, corn and yeast then fermented for days in steel tanks, and distilled water is added. It finally is aged in wooden barrels or tanks for two months to seven years. It is during this period that it gets its characteristic color and sold prices are based on the aging time.

There mezcal enthusiasts defend the purity and aromatic, while proponents of Tequila enjoy this beverage around the world. Be sure to try both before you choose your favorite.

And you, what do you prefer? Today I recommend one of each so you can compare, and a small dessert bonus ?

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The agave plant

 TAGS:The agave is a plant of the Amaryllidaceae family that can be found in various areas, with species actually originate in the desert zones of America, particularly widespread in Mexico. That is why we all know it as the plant from which tequila is obtained, although it has many uses.

It is noteworthy that the agave blooms once in life and when it is ripe it dies. Formerly, the indigenous culture related it to the gods and was seen as a sacred and miraculous plant.

Types of Agave

It presents various types, but the best known is the American agave, with green and dark gray plants which grows fairly quickly. It is the most popular and widespread, and grows in dry and hot areas. Within the American type there are also varieties that are distinguished by their colors and different shapes in its leaves.

Agave victoriae reginae is smaller, but with long leaves and stems ranging from 2 to 4 meters high. They are typical from desert areas of Mexico.

Finally, agave stricta presents leaves up to 40 cm and much thinner than the other species.

Various uses of ?The tequila plant?

This plant is very helpful, offering a variety of uses, from making clothes thanks to its fibers, to ropes, shoes, thread, paper, nails… but its best known use is the production of various spirits, such as mezcal and tequila.

Tequila, produced mainly in Mexico, must have more than 50% of distillate from Weber agave, blue variety only. Meanwhile, for mezcal we can use agave angustifolia and also up to eight different species of agave.

But they are not the only drinks we get from this famous plant. It can also produce pulque, lower in alcohol than the previous two.

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