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South American beers

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In almost all countries in South America, beer is the most alcoholic beverage, even though in Europe the most consumed beers are the beer of Belgium, the beer of Germany or even the English beer.
However, South American beer is very appreciated and enjoyed around the world, there are even some brands that are among the best sold in the world, because of their matchless taste that can´t be found anywhere else.
Let´s meet some of the best South American beers:

  • Cusqueña Beer: (Perú) A beer established in 1908 in the city of Cuzco by Ernesto Günther, founder of the German Brewery in the Inca country; in 1939 it changed its name to Cervecería del Sur (Cervesur). Nowadays it´s the Premium beer by excellence, it´s made by Backus and it´s considered the best South American beer, called “the gold of Incas”.
  • Brahma Beer: (Brasil) This beer was created in 1888, by Joseph Villiger, a Swiss who founded Brahma Villiger & Company Beer Manufacture, which is AmBey nowadays. It’s the most popular beer in Brazil, and it has a presence in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Paraguay.
  • Polar Beer: (Venezuela) Polar Brewery began processing this beer in 1914, but it was not until 1943 when the brewer master Carlos Roubicek joined the factory, that the formula was changed and the beer was improved. Today it´s the best sold Venezuelan beer.
  • Cristal Beer: (Chile) Elaborated by Compañía de Cervecerías Unidas (CCU) (United brewery Companies), founded in 1850 in the city of Valparaiso. This beer was launched officially in 1978. Today it´s the most popular and sold beer in Chile.
  • Aguila Beer: (Colombia) Beer elaborated by Bavaria SA, founded by the German Leo Siegfried Kopp in 1889 under the name of Kopp´s Deuthsche Brauerei Society, a name that was changed in 1910 to the actual name. Nowadays, the Aguila beer is the best sold and most popular beer of Colombia, followed by Club Colombia Beer and Pilsen Beer, both form the same company.

But we still have ahead the main course, the most internationally and recognized South American beer that you shouldn´t miss:


The best selling and most popular in Mexico, it’s made by Cervecería Modelo. American tourists began to use lemon to sterilize the neck of the bottle, which was refundable and could be in poor sanitary conditions, and that use was extended as a fashion and now is the most common way to drinking this beer.

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Produced by Quilmes brewery and located in the town with the same name in Buenos Aires city. It was created by German immigrant Otto Bemberg in 1888. Today is the most popular beer and drunk by the argentinians.

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Cuba. This is a clear color beer with corn flavor and hints of caramel. Produced by the Bucanero Brewery, it’s essential a Strong Cubanero bottle on a walk along the Malecon and thought Old Havana.

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What is your favorite beer? Do you prefer any particular country?