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How many calories are in alcohol?


A moderate intake of wine is responsible accommodated within a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, we have already discussed the benefits of wine.

In the case of spirits, the benefits are not many, and are however related to alcohol itself, because in the process of distillation the resulting product looks for removing any other component. Thus, and in a responsible consumption, you appreciate the benefits of alcohol as a vasodilator.

But alcohol distillates, among other disadvantages, has a high content in calories, that are unaccompanied by nutrients, called “empty calories“. Therefore, the alcohol does not feed, it just makes you fat.

How to know the amount of calories in a cup?

Alcohol has a high caloric content, 7 calories per gram. Fat, for example, have 9 calories per gram, while proteins and carbohydrates have only 4 calories per gram. Since not all drinks have the same amount of alcohol, calorie content also changes. But, as an approximation, we present a list of the approximate amount of calories in different drinks (calories per 100ml):

Note that the amount of calories refers to 100ml. of drink, which is the normal quantity of a glass of wine. In the case of distillates, the normal amount of a drink is 50ml. (half), it will fit on a classics shot glass, but many bars exceed that amount and go up to70-80ml. by glass, so you will have calculate the ratio. Also, if the drink is mixed with some refreshment, you have to consider the sugars and carbohydrates of refreshments which are quite a few.

In any case, there’s no need to worry too much about calorie intake if it’s part of a responsible consumption, followed by a healthy diet and playing sports regularly.

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