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Did you know that alcohol excites but, in excess, delays orgasm?


Brain and cardiovascular system have an important role when coordinating the relationship between orgasm and drinking alcoholic beverages.

It has been proven that excessive alcohol consumption delays the moment of orgasm in both men and women, since the role of alcohol is depressant, so it makes you feel uninhibited when flirting and having sex, but physically the body is not ready.

The delayed response of the central nervous system may be useful for men who have trouble lasting longer during sex. However, excessive consumption of alcohol generates greater overall loss of sensitivity and poor performance.

As for women, the brain’s response to alcohol is quite useful if their problems are about inhibition and psychological type to reach an orgasm but, as in the case of men, excessive alcohol ends ruining the whole scenario.

Another disadvantage of excessive alcohol consumption in the sexual arena is that by decreasing sensitivity, you may also feel less pleasure with the stimuli presented, in the same way as when you get hit under the influence of alcohol you feel pain less intensity.

For men, excessive consumption of alcohol instead of delaying orgasm, also affects the cardiovascular system, and thereby the blood pumping to different parts of the body.

To reach an orgasm the sympathetic nervous system response must be activated, but is difficult to reach it if alcohol is consumed excessively. The best practice, therefore, is to drink in moderation. A good wine or a cocktail after dinner will give the evening a touch of sensuality, without spoiling the evening.

So what is the right choice? Low alcohol beverages or fruity cocktails, and the spirit, champagne or wine of your choice.



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