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Mediterranean wines

 TAGS:The Spanish coast is ideal for growing red and white wine with a different twist and with something in common to all of them: their Mediterranean character. From the North of Catalonia touring the coast in the province of Girona we find the DO Empordà – Costa Brava. The first one of many of the ones we can find in Catalonia.

A little further down South we have the DO Alella, famous for its white wine. I love all Alella wines I have tried and I like how special they are, especially when you consider the small size of this Denomination of Origin, which makes them produce only a few thousand bottles per year.

To the west, a little further from the coast but still keeping that Mediterranean character of the previous two, we find Appellations of Origin Pla de Bages and Costers del Segre, both increasingly important both in the domestic market as regarding the export.

Penedes and Priorat (the second is one of my favorites, especially some of their wines from small wineries with a large history and centuries of tradition), are perhaps the most famous in this geographic area, but they are not the only ones, as we also have: Conca de Barbera and Terra Alta which are also finding a niche among wine drinkers.

We arrive to Valencia and there we find the first two DO which are precisely one called Valencia and Utiel Requena. There is no help but comment that the second of which is becoming more and more famous in Europe and it is not rare to see some of its wines on the shelves of supermarkets and specialty stores in countries like Denmark, Germany or Holland.

If we go further South we will find a good vein of interesting wines. Appellations of Alicante, Jumilla, Yecla and Almansa are producing wines that stand out, not only for its content but for its outside. Some of the most curious and beautiful bottles of wine I have had the chance to taste came from this area.

Finally, we must talk about the wines from Mallorca. Pla i Llevant and Binissalem – Mallorca are the two main designations of origin of the island. The Mediterranean character of these wines is unequivocal and their quality is increasing, mainly due to the persistence of many small wineries that do not cease in their efforts to produce unique wines.

2 Mediterranean suggestions? Of course!

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Codorníu Blanc de Blancs. Cava is a wonderful from Mediterranean sea



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Sangre de Toro 2010, a great and cheap wine from Catalonia