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What is Fragolino?

 TAGS:Fragolino is that almost unknown wine which is made from fox and frost grapes, both with American origin. When buying Fragolino you have to make sure you are getting the original product and not any of the substitutes that exist, to which strawberry essence is added. Beyond entering assess whether they are better or worse, you have to keep in mind that it is not what you were looking for, but some different kind of drink.

Find Fragolino is not an easy task, in fact, internet is the best way to search, compare and take home a good brand at a reasonable price (even though price does not use to be a trouble regarding this type of wine). The reason for such difficulty is that not any ground is suitable for growing such grapes as the ones that this wine is made of.

For example, in Europe it is only produced in Austria and Italy. United States, certain Latin American countries and Australia are where the most volume of this type of wine is obtained, given the characteristics of their climate and soils.

In general Fragolinos are not overpriced wines and perhaps that is the reason why they are becoming increasingly popular. For less than five dollars very good brands of Fragolino wine can be found.

If I have to choose I would rather buy a rosé one than a red one, as the characteristics of red Fragolino wines are quite far from the bodied wines I usually have in mind when I think in buying one.

This type of wine, so fragrant and fruity, is extremely perfect with desserts or as an aperitif, especially in its sparkling version. Many people also use it as a basis for a summery cocktail usually accompanied by citrus juices. However, red Fragolino wine seems a perfect companion for many different types of cheese.

Fragolino is kind of a rebel without a cause in the wine world as throughout history, it has suffered prohibitions regarding its production and distribution in Europe. Those who have not tasted it yet, and those who for the first time read something about it today, may take the chance to buy a bottle before its sale gets banned and they have to wait nearly a decade to be allowed again, as happened in Austria during the 80s.

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Corte Viola Fragolino Rosso



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