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Digestive liqueurs that will help you after heavy meals


Now that Christmas, New Year and Epiphany holidays are close, it’s time to celebrate family lunches and dinners which, as usual, will be abundant and long-lasting: it’s the moment to catch up with relatives that, perhaps, we see less than we would like, and the opportunity to share a table with the loved ones without the rush of everyday life.

While it is true that from Uvinum we have always recommended and will recommend moderate and responsible alcohol consumption, we must also take into account that low and average alcohol content liquors promote digestion, stimulating our gastric secretions, which is known from ages ago. Not surprisingly, the first digestive liqueurs that have survived to this day appear at monasteries and abbeys in the Middle Ages.

Today, there are people who likes to taste spirits such as whisky, orujo, grappa or brandy after a heavy meal, but for the after-dinner herbal liquors may be more desirable, generally having less alcohol content and more digestive properties. Below we give you some examples:

  • Amaretto: This almond and apricot kernels liqueur, from Saronno (Italy), includes also among its ingredients berries and herbs.
  • Benedictine: French herbal liqueur made from 27 different plants and spices. As the name suggests, it originally comes from the Benedictine Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy.
  • Cointreau: made from the distillation of different varieties of orange peels, in addition to spices. It’s also extensively used in the preparation of many cocktails.
  • Drambuie: a Scottish liqueur made with whiskey, heather honey, herbs, saffron and nutmeg, specially created for Prince Charles Stuart of England and Scotland in the eighteenth century.
  • Pacharán: a popular Spanish digestive, from Navarra, which is obtained from the maceration of sloes or blackthorns in aniseed liquor. Also known as “sloe gin”.

So, what liquor do you prefer for your after-meals?


Cointreau: a drink of the triple sec category produced in France and presents an alcohol content of 40º. 



 TAGS:Pacharán Baines OroPacharán Baines Oro

Pacharán Baines Oro: a drink of the pacharán category made in Spain and with 30º of alcohol strength. 



Simple and easy cocktails for new year

 TAGS:It’s time to toast with your loved ones. Besides champagne and wine, which are all on Christmas tables, cocktails are ideal for spending the holidays with family. From Christmas to New Year. Tempting, no?

Sparkling wine are of the favorites drinks for the holidays. That is why you will not take a lot of risks to mix champagne to create delicious cocktails. So you can use leftover open bottles, and avoid waste.

Sparkling wines mixed with fruits is absolutely delicious. Mixing champagne with a touch of peach juice is so simple and original. You?ll surprise your guests by offering this delicious combination.

 TAGS:If you like sweet and creamy (you or your guests, there is nothing like the White Christmas cocktail with amaretto, like the delicious Disaronno Amaretto 1L, your favorite cream liqueur and vodka . Ideal as a dessert. Its preparation is simple, just mix the ingredients described above and throw them in a martini glass for better presentation.

For those who prefer soft or alcohol free drinks, you can opt for fruit juice, very easy to combine with cinnamon, vanilla and a little bit of milk. You can also add sugar to make it sweeter. You can mix the milk with freshly squeezed juices (orange, lemon …) and serve in a crystal glass. Then add spices, like cinnamon or vanilla. You can add ice to make it much cooler.

Red is the color of Christmas. Cocktails are dyed that color to remain faithful to the festive spirit. You will probably love this cocktail, a mixture of campari , redcurrant and strawberry liqueur. An explosive and sweet mixture. You can add red berries.

With what do you like to toast? Ready to buy wine? We recommend two great drinks to make your favorite cocktails:

 TAGS:Luis Felipe Brandy Gran ReservaLuis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva

Luis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva



 TAGS:Legendario Elixir de CubaLegendario Elixir de Cuba

Legendario Elixir de Cuba



Caipiroska, refreshing cocktail with vodka

 TAGS:In our series on cocktails, today we are going to discover the caipiroska, perhaps one of the least known, but just as tasty as the other ones, that is perfect for the hot summer we?re living.

In fact, it is less known because it is a variation of the better-known caipirinha. The only difference is that the main ingredient changes from cachaça to vodka. The caipiroska is made of lime juice, sugar and vodka. This last ingredient counters the acid and sweet taste of the lime.

It has been invented during the 80?s, when the caipirnha reached its maximum popularity in Brazil among the population, and the vodka maker, seeing that it was an interesting market, decided to change the basic ingredient of the famous caipirinha. This new drink also spread rapidly in the country but was consumed by a higher social class.

So the caipiroska is a glamorous cocktail, for those who like vodka but with a touch of acidity that gives this twist to the classic vodka combined with stronger and bitter taste.

Its elaboration is very simple, so that you can surprise your guests this summer and give them this vodka before or after dinner.

To make the cocktail, you have to first cut the lime or lemon to very small pieces, like when we have to make caipirinha. Throw it in a shaker and crush the lime in it to get the juice. Then add the sugar and ice (with small cubes). Then the vodka, and turn it on for a few seconds. Serve with a straw in a glass.

The caipiroska supports some variation, such as adding passion fruit or strawberry puree, adding a unique sweet flavor, and something exotic, which is going very well at any time of day, especially in hot weather.

Need a vodka for your caipiroska? Here are our favorites:

 TAGS:Grey Goose Vodka 1LGrey Goose Vodka 1L

Grey Goose Vodka 1L



 TAGS:Smirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1LSmirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1L

Smirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1L

The Glamourous Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is a well known cocktail. Its distinctive red color is very attractive and offers glamour to the warmer nights. Now that the weather is good, the Bloody Mary is a good alternative to mix different flavors.

Traditionally, this cocktail mixtures vodka, tomato juice, salt and black pepper, a few drops of Tabasco sauce and a little lime or lemon juice. Served very cold, it is even better with a little salt and lime on the rim of the glass. In this way, the tomato marries well with the potent flavors of Tabasco and vodka.

It supports several variations, as the spicy pepper and Tabasco can be increased or lowered according to the consumer taste. In the United States, they often replace vodka for gin and is drunk as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. No one knows the exact origin of this sweet and tasty cocktail, but according to the most widespread theory it was invented by Fernand Petiot, a bartender from the New York bar in Paris who found this formula in 1921.

Since then its fame spread to various countries across the world and started to be really popular in the U.S., where it is consumed today. His name is also curious: it is named after the daughter of Henry VIII, Mary I of England, better known as Bloody Mary. She wanted to restore Catholicism in England, causing many deaths. Here comes the Bloody marry, bloody meaningful for England.

The legend says that this cocktail, by its ingredients, is perfect to fight hangovers. I recommend it after a heavy dinner with friends.

Are you a fan of Bloody Mary? What vodka would you choose? We recommend:

 TAGS:Smirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1LSmirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1L

Smirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1L



 TAGS:Grey Goose Vodka 1LGrey Goose Vodka 1L

Grey Goose Vodka 1L

Fruit liquors, perfect for all occasions

 TAGS:In recent years, the liquors of different flavors are becoming more prominent in formal or friend lunches and dinners. With citrus, cinnamon, fruits and even flowers. The best is that they offer new flavors always good to find out. 

They are usually taken at desserts or in the afternoon when we have a snack, with chocolate or a sweet cake. And these liquors, especially the ones made with berries, contrast with the sugar in the desserts and their pairing is perfect. 

The most popular of the fruit liquors are, for example, the hazelnut liqueur, perfect for after dinner, as their bitter taste considerably reduces the feeling of being full after long and abundant lunches and dinners. The most famous, of course, is the Frangelico, which is produced in the Piedmont region of Italy, and has a history of 300 years when it was elaborated by the Christian monks who lived in the mountains of this


Similar to the hazelnut liqueur, almond liqueurs also bring an unmistakable bitter taste and suit the most demanding palates. We must control our drinking cup because we can drink lightly, without realizing it. The Amaretto is the star of this type of liquors and its success is due to the mix of flavors from the apricot and almond bones, caramelized sugar and various spices, like vanilla, which give an extra special touch. 

One of the main characteristics of the fruit liquors is that they usually have a high alcohol content and are macerated with nuts and other spices. Among them, we can highlight the pacharán, from Navarra, which is obtained by macerating sloes or blackthorns, with a color and taste something stronger, fresher and more natural.

The story of Amaretto

 TAGS:Italy, the Renaissance (what a nice start for the post today!), we are not really going to talk about art, but almost. In the year 1525 a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to carry out a fresco of the Madonna of Saronno. The muses did the rest and so began the story of the liquor known as Amaretto.

Perhaps many of you have not tried it yet, but for sure you know the bottle, because it is one of the most striking to be found. Its design resembles a large perfume bottle and in it nothing is left to chance. Murano blown glass, square shape and the touch that makes the difference (even more): rounded edges.

However, since the liquor was created for the first time until it began to be marketed and the idea of selling it in a bottle of such characteristics emerged, it was nothing more and nothing less than 3 centuries. During that time, the tradition says that each generation was revealing to the next the secret recipe of its preparation.

Presumably, as each cook has his methods, the formula would have improved over the years to become to the one we know today. Now, when we drink a sip of Amaretto first thing we notice is the taste of apricot and of slightly bitter almond.

This powerful essence that defines it continues to evolve on the palate and, paying a little attention, you can come to discover notes of cherry, peach, vanilla and other aromatic plants and fruit, to make a total of seventeen. Not easy to invent.

Returning to the past, we left the story at the time when the painter travelled to Saronno to begin the work that has been commissioned to. He stayed at an inn and twist of fate, when he realizes that the daughter of the owner is perfect to pose as a model and represent the Madonna of the place.

The sessions will take place, the work is progressing very well and among them, artist and model, comes the spark. She falls in love and surrendered to the charms of the artist and as proof of her love to him she prepares a homemade liquor, with a recipe very similar to the one mentioned earlier and to which aphrodisiac properties were supposed. That?s the story of Amaretto.

Want to try different amarettos? We’ll show you a couple:

 TAGS:Disaronno AmarettoDisaronno Amaretto

Disaronno Amaretto, world most famous amaretto



 TAGS:Amaretto LuxardoAmaretto Luxardo

Amaretto Luxardo, a great value for money

Simple and easy cocktails


It is time to give to your loved ones. Besides champagne and wine are, which are in all tables, the cocktails are ideal for a special occasion. Which do you prefer?

Champagne or/and cava are both of the most special drinks. For this reason, the cocktails mixed with cava will be delicious and, in this way, we use the cava sometimes leftover from open bottles.

The Champagne and mixed fruits give an exquisite flavour. You can combine a bit of a sparkling wine with peach juice. As simple and straight forward and, at the same time, original because you’ll surprise your guests by offering this combination. We recommend serving the cocktail before the meal as an aperitif.

Moreover, if you like sweet and creamy drinks, nothing like the White cocktail, made with amaretto, a cream liqueur of your choice and vodka. It makes a great dessert after eating so many candies. Its elaborations is simple: just mix the ingredients described above in a shaker and pour them in a martini glass for better decoration.

For those who prefer something without alcohol, is very easy to use fruit juices, cinnamon, vanilla and a little milk. We can also add sugar to make it even sweeter. We can mix the milk with natural fruit juices (orange, lemon…) apart and then pour in a crystal goblet. Then, add the spices, such as cinnamon or vanilla. We’ll put ice on int to make it much cooler.

Red is the colour of this year. The cocktails take this colour in order to offer a more festive feeling these days. You can make a fun cocktail mixing Campari, currant and strawberry liqueur. An explosive mix that will be sweet… even we we can add red berries.

Amaretto, night’s taste

 TAGS:Almond and apricot, bitter and sweet, contrast is the key to the Amaretto, this Italian liqueur that takes nearly a DINA4 to write all its ingredients, especially those concerning the essence. The reason for it is the original recipe, which contents no less than seventeen different types of aromatic fruits and plants, to the delight of dreamy palates.

Art and romance are mixed in equal parts in the origin of this liqueur, which is shrouded in mystery. That’s probably the reason why it is held to have aphrodisiac properties, it must be true, especially when you consider that the first time it was prepared was in 1525 and still today is the liquor of choice for a night of seduction, both for men and women.

It was almost 300 hundred years later when it began to market and today it remains a best seller of the night when it is order neat or on the rocks, simply delicious; but of course it can also be drunk together with natural orange or lemon, squeezed and with a touch of cane sugar (or a little more if you have a sweet tooth).

It is also famous today for being part of some of the best cocktails served in the most chic places: Christmas Dream, ABC Shot, Wingedman, Gambler, Be Live or Verdic are some of these mixed drinks in which Amaretto gets together with vodka, rum, coffee liqueur, whisky, Baileys or Cognac.

Another of its uses links it to the kitchen, more specifically baking. Cakes, biscuits or ice creams require its sweet and playful touch to get a different result when combined with the classic milk, flour, eggs, almonds and some fruit that vary depending on the recipe, but among which are the pineapple, peach, strawberry and pear.

Love at first sight may arise with Amaretto, at the very time to see the bottle, reminiscent of a high-end perfume. The Murano glass and its geometry, softened by the curves of its edges make us want to have it in our hands. And once it gets to there, there is no turning back, you must help yourself to a drink.

Luxardo, Venice, Barbero, Itaca are some of the brands they sell, along with others like Marie Brizard, which offers it in its cream version, but none can compare to Disaronno, which is the original one and that is why in its name it has its origin written.