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 TAGS:A friend has just returned from his trip down Route 66 (Fede, I’m so jealous!!!)… Although he recommends to take the highway that runs parallel to it, which you can leave whenever you want to visit the places you fancy, and does not have such an archaic speed limit. The fact is that all what he told us about his trip made me inspire for this post which will deal about all those American spirits that we cannot miss in our collection, or at our meeting with friends this coming weekend.

I will start with a gem that comes from Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc., a family business located in Kentucky. Clearly that name explains that everything they produce has to be good. I suggest you taste their Hpnotiq Liqueur. Its electric blue will captivate you, but best of all is its exotic flavour which comes given by tropical fruits in its composition. It is also very chic, with that vodka background that encourages party. This is indeed a surprising discovery, since the house specialty and the distillate that has made them famous is the bourbon.

But if we come to speak of Bourbon and the United States, there is a name that we cannot ignore: Jack Daniel’s. This drink really have a lot of hours of rock and roll on its back, even though Janis Joplin favorite was Southern Comfort, which I also prefer.

However, for Jack Daniel’s fans looking for a bit of innovation, I would recommend Jack Daniel’s Scenes Lynchburg, with deeper notes of oak and a intense spicy scent. And if what you seek is comfort, then it is clear: Jack Daniel’s Cola in cans 33cl, perfect to take anywhere. Probably you already know where would you take it…

Finally, I want to mention a couple of names of gin that will interest you, also made in USA. Aviation Gin and Gin N 209. The first does not have a long history and yet appears balanced and a bit sweet, probably because of the sarsaparilla and lavender in its composition. The second comes from San Francisco, California, and brings freshness as its flavor  is dominated by the taste of orange and lemon rinds. To avoid having to choose, it’s best to taste both. The first one with some innovative cocktail mix and the second with tonic water, some black peppercorns and lemon peel, in the most traditional way.

 TAGS:Gin n 209Gin n 209

Gin n 209



 TAGS:Hpnotiq LiqueurHpnotiq Liqueur

Hpnotiq Liqueur