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The perfect dinner for Valentine’s Day


What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a good dinner? Do not let this special opportunity slip through your fingers and cook something special or book a good table! To accompany this perfect night, an aphrodisiac menu can give an original touch to this romantic and passionate moment.

For an appetizer, consider an original tonic combined with mint or strawberry. For starters, it is best to drink something sweet. Some appetizers with caviar to whet your appetite. If you want another type of deli I recommend foie rice with Jabugo. It is delicious and not too heavy.

Some seafood and fish are aphrodisiacs too, so if you want the night to drag on, the second should contain some of these ingredients. You can introduce spices, like cinnamon and honey, which are also foods that stimulate creativity and sexuality. Shrimp, mussels … they contain sufficient protein and can also be eaten with the fingers.

The aim is to unleash the imagination and play with textures and flavors. Valentine’s Day Dinner is not one without a delicious dessert. Beyond strawberries and cream, you can prepare something more elaborate like skewers of strawberries sprinkled with chocolate and fruit, an ideal dessert for such celebrations. It increases serotonin levels, which causes a great feeling of well-being. Do not forget to accompany this wonderful dinner with a good red wine or cava, the food will taste better.

A sweet dinner with lots of details: a well prepared table, rose petals in the room and a gift on the table. If you surprise the other one, even better.

Need a wine for your Valentine’s Day dinner? Today we recommend you:

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Fertuna Lodai 2008



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