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The story of Amaretto

 TAGS:Italy, the Renaissance (what a nice start for the post today!), we are not really going to talk about art, but almost. In the year 1525 a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to carry out a fresco of the Madonna of Saronno. The muses did the rest and so began the story of the liquor known as Amaretto.

Perhaps many of you have not tried it yet, but for sure you know the bottle, because it is one of the most striking to be found. Its design resembles a large perfume bottle and in it nothing is left to chance. Murano blown glass, square shape and the touch that makes the difference (even more): rounded edges.

However, since the liquor was created for the first time until it began to be marketed and the idea of selling it in a bottle of such characteristics emerged, it was nothing more and nothing less than 3 centuries. During that time, the tradition says that each generation was revealing to the next the secret recipe of its preparation.

Presumably, as each cook has his methods, the formula would have improved over the years to become to the one we know today. Now, when we drink a sip of Amaretto first thing we notice is the taste of apricot and of slightly bitter almond.

This powerful essence that defines it continues to evolve on the palate and, paying a little attention, you can come to discover notes of cherry, peach, vanilla and other aromatic plants and fruit, to make a total of seventeen. Not easy to invent.

Returning to the past, we left the story at the time when the painter travelled to Saronno to begin the work that has been commissioned to. He stayed at an inn and twist of fate, when he realizes that the daughter of the owner is perfect to pose as a model and represent the Madonna of the place.

The sessions will take place, the work is progressing very well and among them, artist and model, comes the spark. She falls in love and surrendered to the charms of the artist and as proof of her love to him she prepares a homemade liquor, with a recipe very similar to the one mentioned earlier and to which aphrodisiac properties were supposed. That?s the story of Amaretto.

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