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Electric shocks to Olives to improve productivity?

 TAGS:Currently the European Union is preparing a project to improve the production capacity of olive oil. This project is called Olipulse.

For Olipulse electricity plays a key role and the idea is that through electromagnetic pulses, it is possible to obtain more oil from olives.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish researchers Ateknea Solutions, and the momentum of a consortium of European companies, Olipulse seeks to optimize production capacity through this innovative new system, among others.

With Olipulse, it is possible to extract up to 6 liters of oil per minute, the shock applied to the olives broke the particles and thereby facilitate its extraction.

In the words of Aniceto Gomez the secret of this method is the low temperatures used for the extraction of olive oil, so important in Spanish gastronomy and world-renowned for its health benefits as opposed to other types of oils.

That extraction at low temperatures is called “cold pressed” and is a guarantee of quality olive oil obtained by having as many phytonutrients .

2 million tons of olive oil are produced each year, of which 1.2 million tons are from Spain, which is not only the largest producer in the euro area but worldwide , generating a sense of confidence and almost a guarantee of quality. Buyers are often waiting to see the description “Made in Spain ” on the labels.

Another interesting fact is that Olipulse future also plans to venture into other oils extraction, like biodiesel.

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