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New World Wines: A Quick Overview


Recently, the wines of the New World are blossoming and start to be able to compete with those of the Old World, which refers to the most traditional places in terms of wine culture.

When we talk about wines from the New World, we mean wines from areas outside Europe’s vineyards or, as we have specified above, from the lands that have normally produced wine, such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, the Balkan countries and the United Kingdom.

The New World wines that are becoming more popular today come from places like Argentina, Chile, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, among others.

Wines from these countries have some different features from the latter, they have stronger colours, they are warm, ripe fruit flavoured… and they are totally conditioned by the climate of each particular country, normally warmer than the ones of the Old World.

Those from Argentina can already be found in restaurants worldwide and have a great success. One must think that it is the largest producer of wine in Latin America and the fifth largest producer in the world, so its importance is great. They are wines with an intense colour and body. Canada has been producing wine for many years. They are usually table wines, elaborated with grapes such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Gamey and Merlot.

It is not strange to see Australian wines in many corners of our country. They are flavoured wines. Australia is the sixth largest wine producer in the world, the Riesling and Semillon grape varieties stand out, and they elaborate them from European noble varieties.

South African wines are very special. The country currently has a vineyard area of a roundabout of 100,000 hectares and they are mainly made from white grape varieties. They are heavily popular and sold in many places. In a great part of the country they enjoy similar climates to the Mediterranean, so their flavours are also similar.


 TAGS:Dieter Meier Puro Malbec 2016Dieter Meier Puro Malbec 2016

Dieter Meier Puro Malbec 2016, Ojo de Vino elaborates this Dieter Meier Puro Malbec 2016 (£11.97), a red wine from the region of Mendoza with the best Malbec grapes from the 2016 vintage


 TAGS:Buitenverwachting Sauvignon Blanc Constantia 2017Buitenverwachting Sauvignon Blanc Constantia 2017

Buitenverwachting Sauvignon Blanc Constantia 2017, a white wine made of sauvignon blanc of 2017 and comes with an alcohol content of 13%. 

The 2014 50 most admired brands in the world


There are many popular brands of wines that resonate in our memories. Whether it is due to their quality or because of advertising campaigns that have marked us. Anyway, these wines are present in our unconscious. We will present the 50 most admired brands in the world in 2014.

We will be interested in brands that are becoming increasingly important. Indeed, we know the French and Italian classics. But talking about Spain, for example. Or Chile. Their hard work and perseverance have raised some Bodegas to the ranks of the best wines in the world.

  1. Bodegas Torres – Spain: For this wine brand, which has asserted its identity in the early 1980s, it is the quality that speaks for itself. It creates a long and trusted relationship with their customers beyond the vagaries of fashion and trends.
  2. Casillero del Diablo Concha y Toro – Chile: This is the first time that this cave into this classification. This wine is available in more than 135 countries. This winery in South America is becoming increasingly important worldwide.
  3. Château Latour – France: Property of Bernard Magrez , this brand produces the most admired Bordeaux wines. She went from 10th to 3rd place this year.

The other most admired wine brands in 2014 were not finished surprising us, as more and more importance is given to Australian wines, Chilean, Argentine and Spanish wines, apart from French and Italian classics. Here we present the top 20:

  1. Bodegas Torres – España
  2. Concha y Toro – Chile Château Latour – Francia
  3. Tignanello – Italia
  4. Penfolds – Australia
  5. Chateau D`Yquem – Francia
  6. Chateau Margaux – Francia
  7. Cloudy Bay – Nueva Zelanda
  8. Guigal – Francia
  9. Vega Sicilia – España
  10. Ridge – US
  11. Louis Latour – Francia
  12. Château Haut-Brion – Francia
  13. Michel Chapoutier – Francia
  14. Yalumba – Australia
  15. Cono Sur – Chile
  16. Robert Mondavi – US
  17. Marqués de Riscal – España
  18. Château Petrus – Francia
  19. Jacob’s Creek – Australia

Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Ibericos Crianza 2009Ibericos Crianza 2009

Ibericos Crianza 2009



 TAGS:Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Wine: A solution to hair loss?


The hair loss problem worries many people. Yet research on the subject has just done a nice surprise to many wine lovers. Scientists have discovered that drinking two glasses of wine a day makes hair grow.

This news had already been assumed ten years ago, while students thought they had found wine by analyzing traces of eighteenth century alchemist?s potions to grow hair.

During all these years they have worked with patients reporting significant hair loss. They administered them a particular quantity of wine. A deluxe treatment, especially if it?s free! By cons, studies show that for best results, one should not choose any wine nor any quantities.

Red wines promote the growth of a good amount of hair and of considerable thickness, especially red wines from Ribera de Duero and some Australian wines. In contrast, only a slight down for German white wines, and nothing for French white wines of Bordeaux. The cause: certain chemical components of the soil in which the vine grows. By blending these elements with vine, a chemical reaction starts and promotes significant irrigation in the region.

The problem: To be able to grow hair, bottles must have spent many years in the cellar and be in good condition. So if we want to have a lot of hair, we have to invest. Also, drink only two glasses a day, the first on an empty stomach and the other after eating salty foods.

We expect the final list of wines that grow hair. But we can say without too much risk that Spanish wines will be in it! Good reasons for not “pulling out hair!”

Need 2 wines for baldness? Here they are:

 TAGS:Westend Pokerface Cabernet / Merlot 2011Westend Pokerface Cabernet / Merlot 2011

Westend Pokerface Cabernet / Merlot 2011



 TAGS:Château Romassan Château Romassan “rouge Reserve” Domaines Ott 2009

Château Romassan “rouge Reserve” Domaines Ott 2009

Australian wines

 TAGS:The beginnings of the production of wine in Australia started in Barossa Valley, near Adelaide in the south. European wines suffered greatly during the long journey by boat, so the local production became imperative. In the absence of native vines in Australia, the upper classes of English settlers began making their own wines from imported grapes in the early nineteenth century.

From there, the growing areas spread for much of the southwest of the continent, where with the passage of time, a rich and enterprising industry was developed, which thanks to the official support and an impressive marketing strategy has positioned itself rapidly in recent years, with market penetration in over 100 countries and earning fame and prestige worldwide.

Tradition, innovative technology and new ideas are factors that define the Australian wine industry. A country that has only 4% of world wine production and still is the fourth largest global exporter, surpassed only by nations of great tradition such as Italy, France and Spain.

The variety of grapes growing in the over 170.000 hectares of Australian vineyards is extensive, and among the most popular we have:

For the elaboration of red wines are grown mainly this grapes:

As for the elaboration of white wines are grown mainly:

Particularly the production of shiraz is recognized worldwide. A solid wine with lots of character and high acidity, Shiraz is an ideal accompaniment to game meat or strong taste cheese. This grape has become emblematic of Australian wine.

No doubt, a good taste of Australian wine is a pleasure recommended if you have the option, so, do you want to try an Australian wine with us? We recommend a couple of the best by its value for money:

 TAGS:Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2008Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2008

Penfolds is one of the most renowned wineries in Australia, especially for its sweet and shiraz wines.

Buy Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2008 21,60?



 TAGS:D'Arenberg The Sticks And Stones Tempranillo / Grenache 2005D’Arenberg The Sticks And Stones Tempranillo / Grenache 2005

D’Arenberg, one of the 100 most important wineries last year, according to Wine&Spirits.

 TAGS:Buy D'Arenberg The Sticks And Stones Tempranillo / Grenache 2005 21,20?