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Give wine barrels a great second life


Wine barrels aren’t only useful to wineries. You can breathe new life into old wine barrels and use them as decorative elements like furniture. Yes, you read well. Following this link, you can find more creative ideas to decorate your home with wine.

Use barrels as ice buckets

Once the barrel has fulfilled its original function, cut it in half and fill it with ice. For example, you can put a beer keg in the centre and enjoy cold drinks at your party the whole night long.

As a treasure chest

Whether you cut a small window inside or leave it as it is – you can use the wine barrel to store all kinds of things giving your room a neat and original touch. Especially your wine loving friends will love it.

As a lamp

Another way to recycle these barrels is transforming them into lamps. Just drill holes in the barrel and introduce a light bulb inside. As a result, you’ll get a beautiful garden lamp illuminating your garden or your terrace.

As a vintage table

In this case, we take advantage of the barrel’s round shape. Just cut it in half and there you go. Put a glass on top of it, paint it as you like – some individual arrangements will give your new table a personal touch. 

As a bar table

Because of its height, weight and width, you can use the barrel as a support for nearly anything. Just put a larger round board on top. Congratulations, you just built yourself a wonderful bar table!

As shelves

For handy persons: Cut the barrel in half vertically. Then you can either connect them through chains, ropes or whatever comes to your mind. Finally, you put your new shelve either into a corner or hang them on the wall.

Uvinum wine recommendations

 TAGS:Las Gundiñas 2013Las Gundiñas 2013

With 94 Parker points, the Las Gundiñas 2013 plays in the league of the great wines from Bierzo. 


 TAGS:Pétalos del Bierzo 2014Pétalos del Bierzo 2014

Floral, elegant, silky… the Pétalos del Bierzo 2014 is a wine that seduces and invites to a relaxed dinner with friends and family. This new vintage fits perfectly into the world of a well-earned fame due to Robert Parker.


White Garnacha, a treasure of the Mediterranean

 - The Garnacha Blanca wine is a mediterranean variety that derives from a mutation of the Garnacha Noir. From the 40.000 hectars that exist in the world, 25.000 are located in the spanish Mediterranean, between Navarra, Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia.

 The area that developped and protected the White Garnacha the most, is without any doubt the region of Terra Alta. In this region they identified and promoted the white wines of the Ribera d’Ebre of Tarragona, respecting and elaborating that variety.

Some of them are elaborated through fermentation and aged in barrels because Granach blanc wines need to age in order to taste better.

In that way, wines with a good body and high alcohol content are created. Shades of yellow are the dominating colours and their aromas are floral and fruity with a taste of understory, which confers originality to the wine. In the mouth it is soft, it has the right fat content and balance, with evident acidity and warmth, although you can also feel the freshness.

 TAGS:Edetaria Blanc 2010Edetaria Blanc 2010

Edetaria Blanc 2010



 TAGS:Bàrbara Forés Blanc 2011Bàrbara Forés Blanc 2011

Bàrbara Forés Blanc 2011



 TAGS:Odysseus Garnatxa Blanca 2011Odysseus Garnatxa Blanca 2011

Odysseus Garnatxa Blanca 2011



 TAGS:Jordi Miró Garnacha Blanca 2011Jordi Miró Garnacha Blanca 2011

Jordi Miró Garnacha Blanca 2011



 TAGS:Garnatxa Sols 50clGarnatxa Sols 50cl

Garnatxa Sols 50cl

Classes of Barrels for wine

Wine barrels

One of the containers as important as the bottle in which we see our favorite wine is the barrel where it was brought, obviously we can see them very few times cause it is there where wine remains before bottling and that process is beyond our eyes. But there’s no doubt that the barrel is part of the process of development of many wines.

The barrels often have a capacity of around 220 liters; the size is approximately one meter high by 60 centimeters wide. Another detail of barrels is that they always have one or two metal strips that hold the wood. Some barrels usually have taps, others more rustic just a hole right in the middle of the barrel. 

The life of a barrel usually lasts around 40 years

Sizes and types of barrels

Barrels come in many sizes and different capacities. The most popular barrel for wine making is the one called “Bordeaux Barrel” being Bordeaux the “most popular city name in the French wine manufacturing. These barrels are usually made of American and French oak, although they do not reject those made with Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Portuguese oak.

  • Bordeaux barrels are found in capacities of: 190 liters (50 kg), 225 liters (50 to 58 kg), 250 liters (52 kg), 300 liters (60 kg), 400 liters (80 kg), 500 liters (95 kg) and 650 liters (105 kg). But we must emphasize that the barrels most used for wine production is 225 liters or 228 liters with a weight of 48 kg.
  • The “Botas” are very similar to the oak barrels or casks, they usually are larger and they have more outer metal hoops.. We can find botas with a capacity of 1500 liters, but the most widely used of its kind are about 250 liters.
  • The oval barrels are small and with low capacity, they are used for serving wine without bottling, we find them in taverns or homes, some with and some without base. Its capacity can range from 1 liter to 16 liters. They are usually very nice and with many more details than large barrels they are also used for decorating…
  • The wine vats or conical tanks are the largest of all, usually oval, with one side wider than the other, “conical”, the larger side is based. The tanks are used to host large quantities of wine, and often Winemaking or wine production is made in this Tanks. The tanks are found in capacities ranging from 1,000 l. to 50.000l..

Barrels give characteristic and more complex flavors and aromas to wine, such as smoky, woody, toasted, leather, snuff … And they are higher in tannins, because apart from the wines tannins the wood of the barrel contributes to enhance them. Do you Want to try an aged wine?, We recommend:

  • Legaris Crianza 2007: A Crianza from Ribera del Duero powerful, intense and strong. Ideal to pair with red meats.
  • Coto de Imaz Reserva 2004: from Rioja have this good value for money wine, with very evocative scents in nose and in mouth, where tannins are noticed and well rounded. Quite an elegant wine.
  • Pintia 2006: A magnificent wine from Toro. Brutal Fruit explosion in the mouth, mixed with complex hints of smoked leather and oak. A great wine.