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 TAGS:Beer kegs are a the options preferred for parties and meetings in which the organizers want the job a little easier and make their guests happy. They generally contain about 30 liters of beer, and that frees them from the anguish of thinking whether it would be enough for everyone.

By placing the beer in the barrel is important to carbonate, carbon dioxide is a gas that dissolves easily in beer. That amount of gas is measured in volumes. If a liter of beer is carbonated with 2.5 volumes, means that there are 2.5 liters of CO2 in the beer.

Generally, the taste of beer lies among other factors, on being more or less carbonated, the bitterer and fragrant beers are not as carbonated as with the ones with a softer taste and aroma.

To carbonate the beer you must follow these steps: Place the siphon hose in the bottom of your barrel and thus prevent it from oxygen, then place the lid and close it. Close the bottle and breathe out CO2 + C02. Then repeat this process at least 3 times and this will it preserve your beer.

The pressure of the beer is the degree to which C02 molecules at the top of the container pressures beer. When the pressure grows the gas hits the drink and dissolves in it. The high pressure facilitates the process of carbonation and prevents the liquid out of the barrel.

To keep your beer you should leave it about 15 pounds of pressure as it cools, cooling the beer barrel allows carbonated more easily, and with the barrel cold-install your C02 system and take 25 to 30 pounds of pressure, shake for approximately 10 minutes.

It is advisable to drink the beer barrel in a period no longer than45 days to taste the best quality, and do not allow the entry of oxygen in your beer while you’re keeping it.

Beer barrels are available in different materials, namely metal for more informal or wood for a more classic style. Some have a beverage dispenser that allows you to offer your guests the option to be served their own way each of their drinks and let you relax and enjoy the evening.

To enjoy a good barrel of beer considers all these tips and be sure to take special attention in the cleaning when you use it.

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