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5 Great Wine Bars in Lisbon

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Recently Lisbon has transformed into a must-visit city. Some of its main tourist attractions are amazing cuisine, art, and streets full of life. But we should not forget that Portugal is also a country that makes great wines. Therefore, we suggest that you visit some of the best wine bars in Lisbon. Find your favourite and note it down for your next trip to the Portuguese capital!


Vestigius is located in an old winery and it is much more than just a wine bar: it offers an extensive program of cultural events, giving you the opportunity to spend a pleasant time while enjoying good wines and wonderful dishes of both national and international cuisine.
You will find Vestigius in the area around Cais do Sodré. The bar has a privileged view of the Tagus River, with a fabulous esplanade area to enjoy the outdoors. It is an ideal place for cultural exchange and ideas over a glass of good wine or a cocktail.

The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar

What would a pharmacy and wine have in common? Some might say that both can provide relief for sorrows and pains… But in the case of The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar, it means that an old pharmacy was lovingly converted into a wine bar. This charming place offers some 200 different wines of Portuguese origin. You can also order a selection of cheeses, hams and other tasty snacks to perfectly accompany the wine you have chosen

On top of that, it is also one of the most striking wine bars in Lisbon. You will no doubt find the opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Portuguese wines. The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar also offers the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or a tea should your heart desire something less intoxicating…

Winebar do Castelo

If you are a true wine lover, this is one of the must-visit wine bars in Lisbon. You will find Winebar do Castelo on one of the hills of the city, Castelo de São Jorge, located in the historic centre. The interesting selection of wines is usually rotated and the vintage port wines stand out.

Winebar do Castelo also offers another attraction: the guided tastings give you an excellent opportunity to learn more about Portuguese wines. Of course, the bar also offers dishes based on cheeses and delicatessen to accompany the wine. Highly recommended!

By the Wine

It is one of the best-known wine bars in the city, as it is the flagship store of José Maria da Fonseca, one of the most present wine companies in the country. When you visit By the Wine, you will find all the wines from this winery’s portfolio as well as a wide selection of tapas, including Guijuelo ham.

By the Wine lies in the heart of Lisbon, but this is not the only selling point. You will also be captivated by the interior architecture of the place. This bar is an excellent option if you want to eat and drink good wines in a pleasant atmosphere.

Tasca do Chico

We would never forget to mention Fado in this selection of wine bars in Lisbon. Tasca do Chico is a tavern where you can eat, drink wine and, above all, listen to Fado.

It is an intimate and special place, although somewhat small. It is one of the best places to drink a glass of wine while listening to the melancholic rhythm of a music genre that, like good wine, reaches the soul.

 TAGS:Gazela Vinho Verde

Gazela Vinho Verde

The Gazela Vinho Verde: a white wine from Vinho Verde produced by Gazela vinified from alvarinho and shows an alcoholic strength of 9%. The Gazela Vinho Verde is the ideal white to combine with salmon salad and crab.  

 TAGS:Azul Portugal Dão 2013

Azul Portugal Dão 2013

The winery Azul Portugal elaborates this Azul Portugal Dão 2013, a red wine from Dao that contains grapes of 2013 and shows an alcoholic content of 13%.  

Vermouth, much more than a drink


Vermouth is a drink with a long tradition and has for a long time been widely know around the world. And now, besides the traditional way of serving vermouth, it also it contributes to give the extra touch in local bars with a modern twist.

A social drink

Vermouth is much more than a drink because it is a whole culture. A custom, a know-how, a sharing tapas with others that define the personality of people who likes to go out and talk around a glass of vermouth.

Recognized by chefs with Michelin stars

More and more renowned chefs are raising the value of this traditional drink. Vermouth now resurfaces in a state of fashion that we hope will continue This is the case of Carles Abellan, who with his Spanish tapas restaurants like Tapas24 offers vaious types of vermouth. He has even elaborated tapas to accompany the different kinds. It is also the case of Paco Perez, 5 star Michelin, who is experiencing with flavors and dishes around the vermouth.


And not only bars surrender to vermouth, but workshops, tastings and fairs that take this drink on as a protagonist are organized. They aim to give people a chance to learn more, to discover new brands and flavors, and succeed in combining small dishes and drinks.

Not only on Sundays

Since the vermouth has again become a drink of reference, we have discovered that what was before intended for Sundays, before lunch, now extends to snacks and dinners and different days of the week. Especially on Friday and Saturday afternoon, when peolpe meet up to socialize and relax with friends.

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Fernet Branca



 TAGS:Carpano Antica Formula 1LCarpano Antica Formula 1L

Carpano Antica Formula 1L

The Denver Cat Bar: the only place you can have a good glass of wine and fun with cats


Yes, you read it right, cats drinking wine in a bar could be a real thing, at least if you live in the United States. This fashion trend has grown a lot in recent years, you can easily proof that just by looking for entertainment guides for major cities worldwide. From ice bars, children bars to pet bars or even celiac oriented bars.

But what we had not seen so far was a bar completely inhabited by cats, something that a group of cat-lovers from Denver, Colorado (USA) has been proposing through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Denver Cat Bar, how this group is intending to call this establishment, would combine cats and wine in an environment where customers could interacting with cats rescued from abandonment or street life while enjoying a glass of their favorite beverage.

Thus, those who cannot enjoy the company of these elegant and curious animals at home, by the fact of living in rent (in the United States is quite common that landlords do not allow pet ownership to their tenants), will have at least one place do so while sipping a glass of delicious wine. The bar would also have an area for eating and drinking, but customers can take their drink to the “cat room” if they wish.

The promoters of the establishment intend to raise the not inconsiderable sum of $ 60,000, and they have already won the support of hundreds of small investors, who according to the amount contributed may include your name on one of the walls of the room, place your favorite photo with your pet in The Denver Cat Bar, one night for two with appetizers and drinks on the house or even be appointed official friend of the bar and get a lot more of additional rewards.

It will be nice to bring up these ideas here, wouldn’t be?

 TAGS:Vidigal Porta 6 2015Vidigal Porta 6 2015

Vidigal Porta 6 2015



 TAGS:Campo Viejo TempranilloCampo Viejo Tempranillo

Campo Viejo Tempranillo


9 bars to enjoy a good wine in Paris

 TAGS:undefinedAlthough Spain is emerging as one of the most gastronomic countries, Paris is still famous for its cuisine, champagne and good wines. If you go to Paris for a romantic getaway or holidays, this is where you’ll get the city’s best wines.

  1. Madeleine L’Écluse. Here, you can taste delicious Bordeaux wines and other regional specialities. Don’t miss out on the good desserts and cheeses to accompany your wine.
  2. Grands Augustins. Rich desserts and an exceptional charcuterie are the hallmarks of this bar, with wines from official French appellations.
  3. Nicolas Bercy. They offer a menu of about 15 different wines. One can choose to drink them per glass or bottle, in addition to eating good and traditional French delicacies.
  4. Vinomania. The name says it all, tasty wines, from various designations of origin and also a selection of new and rare wines.
  5. Le Comptoir Marguery. Try out and taste various types of wines and champagnes.
  6. Le Tambour. This small bar has an unpretentious cuisine accompanied by local wines. Moreover, the kitchen is open until 3.00 am.
  7. Avant Comptoir. The decoration of the bars and restaurants of Paris is often very exclusive and personal, this is also the case at  the Avant Comptoir which offers a varied menu of dishes and a large assortment of wines.
  8. Aux Bons Crus. A small, unknown wine bar that offers regional specialities. The wines are selected by the owner of the bar.
  9. O Chateau. A popular bar that offers an abundance of well-known wines, cheeses, good food and an excellent atmosphere. It is frequented both by Parisians and tourists.

And alas, if you do not have the opportunity to travel to Paris, you can always have a glass of good French wine to console yourself. Cheers! 

Uvinum recommendations for French wines: 

 TAGS:Whispering Angel Rosé 2015Whispering Angel Rosé 2015

The Whispering Angel Rosé 2015 has its name from the Whispering Angels chapel from the early 19th century with two cherubs above the altar. The rosé managed to outshine its 2014 vintage which had already convinced many renowned wine critics.


 TAGS:M. Chapoutier Bila Haut Occultum Lapidem 2014M. Chapoutier Bila-Haut Occultum Lapidem 2014

M. Chapoutier Bila-Haut Occultum Lapidem 2014: Through biodynamics Michel Chapoutier gets the best out of his wines, reminding us of images from the South of France with its warm colours and scents of Mediterranean woods. 

Did you know that going to the bar is good for your health?


In Spain, there are more bars than any other type of establishments, and we love going to have a drink, talk and enjoy a glass of wine at these bars. Now we can say it’s justified, because a new research from Oxford University confirms that going to a bar makes us healthier and happier.

It’s actually very simple: the bar is a meeting point where we get to interact with other people, which in turn makes us feel better since face-to-face meetings are essential to maintaining friendships. This study shows that people who go to bars near where they live or work tend to have more close friends.

It is said that pubs and bars help provide a strong social network that improves happiness and health in general. The authors of the research say that making and maintaining personal and close friendships are vital, since social networks and the digital world are merely a supplement and cannot replace human contact.

Moreover, researchers at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford that released this investigation found that pubs or neighborhood bars in small towns are better than the pubs in the city or those located downtown because it’s more difficult to keep close friends.

The study also focuses on other things, it determines that a limited and moderate consumption of alcohol improves well-being and some (but not all) social skills. But beware, these skills diminish quickly as alcohol consumption increases.

Researchers define the pub or a bar as a place where attendants know the owner and other customers personally. The paper states that a pub or bar offer a social environment to enjoy a drink with friends in a responsible community. They even encourage people to have a localized bar near to where they live or work.

 TAGS:Whispering Angel Rosé 2015Whispering Angel Rosé 2015

Whispering Angel Rosé 2015: a rosé wine from the Côtes De Provence DO based on the top of rolle and cinsault from 2015 vintage and 13.5º of alcohol content.


 TAGS:Miraval Rosé 2015Miraval Rosé 2015

Miraval Rosé 2015: a rosé wine with Côtes De Provence DO based on cinsault and syrah of 2015 and with an alcohol proof of 13º. 



The TOP 10 of the World’s Best Bars


Elegant, quite impersonal, trendy, with a kitchen… the best bars in the world have thousands of reasons to consider them as such. Know what are the best 10 and visit them if you have the opportunity.

Artesian, London

London could not escape from this list giving us examples of really top bars for various reasons. The barman Alex Kratena delights visitors with its precious cocktails while highlighting its designer decor.

The Dead Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York

The city that never sleeps, New York, distills arts and entertainment in its bars. Is the case of The Dead Dead Rabbit Grocery, where its owners created menus, bar design, walls and delicious drinks, reaching perfection.

Nightjar, London

This bar has its own character, where the owners Rosie Stimpson and Edmund Weil made a bar where they wanted to drink in the first place. And they do. Live swing music and renowned cocktails.

Attaboy, New York

We return to the Big Apple, and land in the Attaboy, which has passed through various hands. They remain faithful to the structure of earlier times, but there are changes too, since it is now more relaxed. It is famous by its creative drinks.

Employees Only, New York

Open almost every night of the week -either a Saturday or a Monday- always offering a lively atmosphere, excellent service and quality drinks. It stands out by being sensual, elegant and trendy, art deco style.

Canon, Washington

It has about 3,300 bottles, which form one of the largest distilleries in the world. Its decor is a nod to the origins of the British pubs, but it’s only three years old.

The Baxter Inn, Sydney

The mighty Baxter Inn moves back to its 2012 position, the number 7 on the list. When entering, it is bustling and very popular in the city, and they have a long list of whiskeys.

American Bar, London

Sophisticated, historic and very elegant. It has 125 years of history, and has seen many artists and relevant people, with classic and modern cocktails.

High Five, Tokyo

In Tokyo there are thousands of bars, each more modern and stylish. For years this bar occupies the top positions in Japan and the world. Drinks and high quality sushi.

28 HongKong Street, Singapore

This bar opens in response to the growing trend in New York’s cocktail bars. Its manager moved this concept to Singapore and it has renowned bartenders from different origins, creating always different cocktails.

Places to drink a good wine in Madrid


Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, where restaurant business is one of its hallmarks. If you are planning your holiday there, you can get into its fantastic traditional bars and restaurants, that blend with the newest and trendiest ones. And, in many of them, you can drink a good wine. Find out which are they!

Bodegas Rosell. It is one of the classics. Located on Calle General Lacy, you can taste more than 200 different references of wine, without missing its good tapas.

Taberna Laredo. From wineries to taverns, another classic of Madrilenian life. In this case, on Calle Doctor Castelo, we can find a local run by the Laredo brothers, where to try wines from different appellations of origin with first-class tapas. It is noteworthy that it is one of the places frequented by King Juan Carlos.

Alhuzena. This restaurant is located in the Argüelles area and its rustic furniture are really impressive. Elaborated and large tapas, always paired with great wines.

El Tempranillo. The name says it all in this bar in La Latina, really affordable. It is ideal for wine lovers, offering a multitude of wines from all Spanish regions. Tapas for everyone.

El Quinto Vino. And the first or the second! This tavern highlights by providing an excellent and extensive wine list, with quality and good prices. Dishes, tapas and many more to satisfy our hunger.

Vinícola Mentridana. In the neighborhood of Lavapiés, this bar has an extensive wine cellar. The list also includes wines by the glass, both hot and cold.

Bodegas Ricla. From taverns we return to traditional wineries in central Madrid. Although it is a small place, they offer wine and sherry at greatly reduced prices. Their classic and modern tapas are very good.

Are you planning your holidays? Is Madrid one of your top destination? If so, do not forget this list 😉


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El Coto Crianza 2010



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Juan Gil 12 Meses 2012



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El Coto Crianza 2009