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Beer could help prevent breast cancer


Hops, one of the main ingredients of beer, could contribute effectively to the prevention of breast cancer. That’s what a study by experts from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) have recently discovered, and which has been published on Daily & Sunday Express, a British newspaper.

Hops is a flower responsible for bitter, spicy or citric flavors on beer and has been subjected to investigations that relate to hormone levels in both men and women, but the new study shows, apparently, that could activate chemical compounds that inhibit tumor development.

Scientists applied hop extract to two different breast cell lines to see the effect on the estrogen metabolism of cells, knowing the fact that a slower metabolism increases the risk of breast cancer.

The researchers found an ingredient of hops, called 6-prenylnarigenin (6-PN), which increases the rate of metabolism of estrogen, thus further research could demonstrate the effectiveness of this compound against cancer.

Compound 6-PN is a potent phytoestrogen that, when ingested, feeds the activity of hormones. In fact, women who work with this plant can have disruptions in their menstrual cycles. Also, it has been tested as a treatment for postmenopausal women suffering hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia.

The research team has also found another similar compound, 8-prenylnarigenin (8-PN), apparently less effective, but should also be the subject of a further study.

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Is beer fattening?


The dreaded beer belly may be a myth if you consider recent studies, which state that beer consumption, by itself, isn’t fattening.

A research published by the College of Physicians of Asturias states that this myth is false and, moreover, beer is good and recommended, in moderation, when combined with a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean.

Another US study also disproves this myth, since weight gain may be related to the increased consumption of drinks and also with the unhealthy food that accompanies the ritual of drinking beer on many occasions.

And there is more data: in the VII Congress on Beer and Health, held in Brussels, this drink is attributed certain benefits, such as the prevention of cell ageing. Drinking a glass of beer daily may help protecting the heart and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, as long as the doctor recommends it. Beer polyphenols act on blood pressure and provide multiple antioxidant properties, both for the body and the skin in general.

Other studies claim that, far from what was thought a few years ago, a glass of beer has 90 calories, being lighter than other beverages with sugars and gas, not advisable for the body in general. Others claim that beer contains between 75 and 100 calories, and about 40 calories when it’s alcohol-free.

Beer also gives us other benefits that are associated with the intake of vitamins. Beer contains barley and wheat, providing vitamin B, zinc and other minerals that help us stay fit and it’s beneficial for people who often have low blood pressure.

¿Is there any doubt after reading all these beneffits? Then, remember that beer drinkers go to heaven

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