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Beer Glasses

Beer glasses

Deciding which glass is ideal to drinking a beer is like going thought the discussion of what beer is best, that is why in this area almost unending and mined we will not enter. But we will go on a tour through all this glasses where we can drink a refreshing beer.
To begin with, we must say that there are 3 types of containers where to drink a beer. We have the glasses, the most popular undoubtedly, the cups with a touch of finesse, and mugs, perhaps the most comfortable.

“Determining an ideal glass for beer is impossible, since some glasses are for some beers and some aren’t. You could say that every glass of beer is for a special beer”.

  • Glass for beers of spontaneous fermentation (lambic and Gueuze). Not too high, it should be small, not exceed 12 cm or use flute glasses for gueuze.
  • Beer Stein for lagers, this is like a small barrel and a handle to keep the beer cold away from the heat of the hand. They are very popular like in Munich or Vienna.
  • Pint Glass Mug for lagers, this is high, strong and straight. In some places they are called chopp. They are tough and strong and have a handle – great toasting glasses and for crashing with friends. They often exceed 500 ml.
  • Pint glass for pale ale, stout, or porter beer. It is a lengthened glass, narrow bottom – and wide mouth, the design encourages the formation of foam.
  • German Weissbier beer glass, tall and fine lass, spherical mouth and narrow base, this allows the beer to warm up quickly.
  • Chalices and goblets are large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glasses, quite used in other beverages, allows good carbonation, plus the superb appreciation of the color and body of beer. 
  • Flute glass is the preferred serving vessel for Belgian lambics and fruit beers. The narrow shape helps maintain carbonation, while providing a strong aromatic front, also used for Cava or Champagne. Flute glasses display the lively carbonation, sparkling color, and soft lacing of this distinct style.
  • The Hoegaarden glass or also known as Tumbler glass is perfect for witbiers beers. The Bottom is small and large wide mouthed narrow and thick too.
  • Stange, long and straight, mostly used for lagers. 
  • Thistle Beer Glass for pale ale Scottish beer. Spherical and small bottom glass, wide mouthed and straight. 

Remember that when you enjoy a beer, although it is important in which glass is served, the beer will never stop being the main character. So we recommend you 2 beers for you to enjoy in good company:

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