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Britons opt for a pill to stop drinking


Excessive consumption of alcohol is a serious problem in many parts of the world, where many citizens go drinking beyond what is advisable, whether we are talking about products such as wine, spirits or beer. Without neglecting the preventive measures and traditional treatments to overcome alcohol addiction, British health authorities have approved the use of a daily use medication for people with alcohol problems, which seems to guarantee satisfactory results, judging by the information published by the specialized website The Drinks Business.

The active ingredient in this ?anti-alcohol? pill, called Nalmefene, works by inhibiting the feeling of wellbeing that is obtained after the ingestion of an alcoholic beverage and, therefore, reduces the compulsive consumption largely responsible for the addiction in many people. In clinical tests performed, the study subjects reduced their consumption to about half after six months using the treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has approved the use of this new drug, which could benefit about 600,000 people at a cost of 600 million pounds per year.

According to NICE specialist Carole Longson, this drug has shown clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness compared with the single application of traditional psychiatric and social therapies, remembering, however, that its use must be accompanied by traditional control methods of alcohol addiction.

The Nalmefene is already in use in Scotland, the first European country to allow its administration, and is expected to spread soon its use throughout the UK, including England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Definitely a breakthrough in the treatment of drinking problems, that we hope to arrive sometime in our country. In any case, we are not promoting stop drinking, but drinking in moderation, prioritizing the enjoyment of taste above alcoholic values. Today we recommend:

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Negra Modelo

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Duchesse de Bourgogne 75cl

When in Rome, drink as the Romans do


What to drink if we are in China? And in Brazil? We must get ready to drink vodka when we are in Russia? What is clear is that every country has their preferences, as reflected in the study published by the website Ghost in the data.

The study, presented in the form of info-graphics, shows the preferences of each country. Furthermore, if we put the cursor over each of the countries, it will show graphically and in figures the average weekly consumption of each of the countries:


In Spain, for example, it tells us that beer consumption (1,912 ml) is 6 times bigger than wine (323 ml), while the spirit consumption is half (136 ml).

The biggest weekly wine consumer worldwide is France (1,067 ml, over a liter per head per week), for beer is Namibia (2,530 ml, 2,5 liters), and for distillates, Belarus (323 ml). As for the distribution of favorite drinks, Europe and the Southern Cone countries are more ?wine lovers? than the rest of America; South Africa and Oceania prefer beer, while Asian countries mostly opt for liqueurs and spirits.

So if you are interested in traveling to a country and you don’t know how to get into your suitcase, we suggest to check out this website.

What are your consumption habits? To which country do you most identify yourself? Today we recommend a wine, a beer and a spirit so you don’t have to choose:

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Castello Banfi Rosa Regale 2013



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Alhambra Reserva 1925



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Soberano 1L

Chinese people will have beer belly


By 2017 China is expected to overtake the United States as the largest consumer of beer worldwide, according to analysts at Euromonitor. This is due to the increasing trend in the income of the breweries in this country.

These increases in disposable incomes will continue rising by 2018, according to Amin Alkhatib, alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor, and thanks to it, the sale of beer in China will gradually grow.

Recently an online detail seller of beer in China claimed to have sold 30 million beer cans during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It will be not surprising that at these levels of current consumption, the expected increase for 2017 will be really important, giving rise to a new position of the Chinese market compared to other countries.

But 2017 is also expected to be when the United States take lead in terms of sales value, in addition to the increase in population of legal age to drink beer, which will result in a higher level of current consumption.

Alkhatib said:

?As income of these new consumers rises and macroeconomic conditions improve, brewers will also be able to encourage consumers?.

And he also added:

?With increasing affordability, both inside and outside urban centers, and increasing penetration of the retail channel, global brewers can capture a consumer base in China that was out of reach before?.

Carlsberg is the best selling beer in the Chinese market. The increase in popularity of premium beers above the lowest ones is causing an increase in sales value. However, this increase in sales of premium beers remains lower than the increase that occurs, for example, in the United States.

Alkhatib said major Chinese beers at the moment are Snow, followed by Tsingtao, Yanjing, Harbin and Laoshan.

Will we soon see the Chinese people with a beer belly? Are olives the ideal snack for them too to accompany the beer? Or do you think they are more ?tortilla? lovers? Today we suggest two Chinese beers among the best sellers in the country:





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Sun Lik Beer

10 benefits of beer


Historically it has been known that wine provides many nutrients and health benefits. But now it has a direct competitor, the beer, which now stands as another drink with several advantages for the body in general. Today, we show you these 10.

  1. Good for the heart. A number of studies have established that the consumption of beer, always moderate, reduces cardiovascular disease by 30%.
  2. Against arthritis. Studies performed with beer suggest that women who drank moderate levels of beer were 22% less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Brain stimulator. It is good to stimulate the brain, so a beer per day helps reducing the appearance of some memory-related brain diseases.
  4. Rich in potassium. Beer is rich in potassium, a fact that offers a good diuretic effect.
  5. Decreases pressure. If you drink beer moderately, there is less chance of having high blood pressure in the long run.
  6. Vitamin B. It brings large doses of vitamin B. This is good for some issues, such as regeneration of cells.
  7. Good for the bones. Other minerals found in beer, such as magnesium or phosphorus help prevent bone-related diseases.
  8. Antioxidant. It provides natural antioxidants, so beer is good for delaying skin aging.
  9. It’s not fattening. Contrary to common belief, beer -always consumed in moderation- is not related to weight gain, as shown by a study from the University of London with nearly 2,000 beer drinkers.
  10. Very hydrating. It brings a lot more hydration than other types of soft drinks. And it contains much less sugar.

So, you know, drink beer, but always in moderation! Today we recommend a french and a italian beer:

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Biere Du Demon



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Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Beer drinkers go to heaven


Bill Miller, priest and author of the new book ?The Beer Drinker’s Guide to God? says that if Jesus were alive today, he would drink beer and wine.

Miller is an Episcopal priest, writer and owner of a bar, lives in Hawaii and says his two favorite things are cider and God, and in his book tells how both can live in harmony.

In an interview with FoxNews, Miller said that if Jesus were alive today, is pretty sure that he would turn water into beer instead of wine, if he didn’t live in Palestine.

Criticisms came soon from several religious leaders, but Miller defended himself by saying that Jesus drank in moderation and that’s a philosophy he consider valid today.

?There are all kinds of good things God has entrusted to us than we can abuse or give misuse to and become addicted. I think it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath water, and not throw the beer with the baptism water?.

When Miller is not preaching in the congregation, you can find him serving drinks at the bar he owns in Texas. Here is where he got the inspiration for his book, in which he states that through the beer the ?true nature of God can be revealed?.

Other statements that he gave to FoxNews were: ?I think Jesus probably chose to drink the local drink. If Jesus were in Texas, he probably drink Lone Star. If he was in Hawaii, he could drink Primo. If he were in Scotland, I would not be surprised at all if Jesus drank whiskey. In Ireland, Guinness or Smithwick?.

Not only Miller has sought to unify religion and alcohol, there is a program of lectures sponsored by a number of Catholic dioceses called Theology on tap: at these conferences one can see the ministers of the church drink in bars, pubs and restaurants. Miller said that in these places he can provide better pastoral care to all those who never would tread a church.

What is clear is that for beer lovers, beer itself, its processing, preservation and serving are almost a religion so… are we going to celebrate? Today we recommend:

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Newcastle Brown Ale 50cl



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Bush Prestige 75cl

Moscow Mule, a powerful cocktail with vodka


Cocktails with vodka will give much to talk about from now on. In the meantime, we leave you with one of the most delicious cocktails, where vodka is the absolute protagonist.

It offers different tastes, slightly citric and stronger, and the contrast of the ginger beer. This cocktail has its origin in the liquor store Cock ‘n Bull in the U.S., in the 40s, in which two friends mixed typical flavors from this place and from a tavern where they drank beer. They chose the ginger flavor to find out its result when mixing it with vodka. And by chance, as with most cocktails, they found an exceptional taste later popularized worldwide.

Some other sources indicate that the cocktail was developed in the Mula restaurant in Hollywood, where they decided to put together all the less mixed and less demanded ingredients in any cocktail, resulting in this combination.

It is a refreshing cocktail, with a slightly exotic touch thanks to the lime. Anyway, it did not get the success often achieved with other cocktails with lime juice and vodka, such as the mojito or caipirinha. It is drunk at any time of day, but at night in the summertime tastes much better.


  • 60 ml vodka
  • 30 ml lime juice
  • 90 ml ginger beer


It’s really easy to prepare, since all we need is to mix vodka, ginger beer and lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain all content in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Finally, we can decorate it with a slice of lime, and we can also frost the top of the glass with sugar to make it sweeter.

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Smirnoff Red Label Screw Cap 1L



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Grey Goose Vodka 1L

Scientists prove the existence of “beer goggles”


Researchers at the University of Bristol claim to have demonstrated the existence of ?beer goggles?, concluding that women and men really begin to see the other people more attractive after a few beers. This is something that has been discussed as a joke many times but now it is a scientific fact.

The study is titled: ?Beauty lies in the eye of the beer drinker? and was one of 10 awards given by Harvard University last year.

As part of the study, conducted by scientists at the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, University of Bristol, volunteers were asked to look at pictures of men, women and landscapes before and after drinking alcohol.

Divided into two groups, a group of volunteers were given an alcoholic drink, and the other a non alcoholic placebo, and asked them a score of appeal.

The ratings among those who had consumed alcohol were higher for each image in each category, compared with the placebo group without alcohol.

Olivia Maynard, who led the research, told the Bristol Post: ?This has a bit of fun, but there is also a serious message. If alcohol does change the perception of appeal then that could be a factor in the type of risky behavior you see when people are drunk, such as unprotected sex?. The Bristol team next goal is to expand its investigation to pubs in order to conduct tests for 4 nights in 3 pubs in Bristol.

Earlier, a team of scientists from France and the U.S. won the Ig Nobel Prize in Psychology, showing that ?beer goggles? effect also makes the drinker feel more attractive.

Do you believe in these effects of beer? Or they are just studies made up to draw attention? We always recommend drinking in moderation, and always quality drinks, as we recommend today:

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Rince Cochon



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Cubanero Fuerte

How to get foam in your beer


We all assume that when a beer is served, whether bottled or on tap, one of the most important factors to keep in mind to enjoy it 100% is if it has a good amount of foam, not too high or low. Foam is the cover letter of beer for our taste and sense of smell, and as such, it condenses in the first sips much of the aromas and flavors of each variety of beer.

We also know that, once served, in all beers the foam will vanish in varying degrees until completely disappear, losing some of its visual and sensory appeal in an inevitable, until now. Knowing this, a specialized gadget design company developed some years ago in Japan a curious device, that comes now to the West, to avoid precisely that we run out of foam.

Moreover, this device, in the manner of a magical coaster, generates ultrasonic waves that allow us to generate new foam with only the push of a button, so that every time we bring us the glass to our lips, we can enjoy a homogeneous layer of bubbles, like the beer were just served.

The Sonic Foamer works with six small AA batteries, ensuring a life of 3000 cycles, and we can take it with us anywhere, given its small size. Its manufacturers claim that vibrations that generate the foam also favor the release of the taste of the beer, the same way it does to decant a wine before after opening the bottle.

Do not be surprised if we soon find one of these devices in our favorite beer bar, as it seems an ideal gift for beer lovers, which are becoming so popular in recent years.

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Peroni Nastro Azzurro



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Duff Beer

One dish for every beer

 TAGS:Blonde, red, stronger and well spiced. Each beer has different specificities and is better or worse with a type of food. Since a while now, the pairing of beers is more and more taking into account. Many people are now interesting into knowing what beer goes better with each food to enhance its flavor.

With its deep color, Porter is a type of Ale and is usually somehow bitter. This particular flavor characterizes much of the black beer. It?s ideal for smoked foods, different types of meats, strong cheeses and desserts with chocolate or coffee.

A famous variety of the Porter and the Guinness, (very popular in Ireland) is the Stout beer. Most of the foods we have cited above also go with the flavor of this beer. But we may add salted, certain fish and oysters.

If you’ll take an American Lager, we recommend eating exotic cuisines like Thai, Mexican or Peruvian. In this case, it also enhances the flavor of brie cheese, perfect for a snack with this refreshing beer.

Although there are many varieties of them, the Belgian Ale type has a special flavor and different spices are added. For a rich salad, rice, feta cheese or other citrus, this beer is perfect.

The Amber Lager is a lager with a fairly mild flavor. This gives you the opportunity to marry it to all kinds of food, especially pizza, pasta and rice (seasoned with tomato sauce and cheese.) The flavors of pasta have much more consistency.

The taste of Brown Ale beer, English origin, caramel, chocolate and roasted malt, is ideal for taking with pork, sausage, chicken and other grilled meats. For dessert, goes well with almost everything, but especially with nuts such as walnuts.





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Alhambra Reserva 1925

Can I know your ideology according to what you drink?


It%u2019s a question that until now seemed difficult to answer to, beyond mere speculation without any scientific basis. No one seemed to have the great idea to make a similar experiment in our country, but some answers are starting to emerge on the subject, since according to a recent study on consumption habits conducted in the U.S., it does seem to be some clear trends on the political tendencies of consumers of alcoholic beverages.

Specifically, always according to the results obtained by National Media Research Planning and Placement, the Democrats seem to prefer rather clear drinks like vodka, champagne and craft beers, Stella Artois or Miller Genuine Draft, while Republicans lean toward dark beverages such as whiskey or wine, and beer like Miller Lite, Amstel Lite, Blue Moon, Samuel Adams or Michelbob Ultra.

The current study also analyzes trough the habits of drinkers if they are more or less likely to vote (which in the U.S. is very important, since for voting you must be pre-register and therefore there is a large body of citizens who, despite having its more or less clear political preferences never have approached a ballot paper). The “silent majority.” Well, this majority also has its preferences when it comes to drinking, as the most progressive tend to consume flavored vodka, peach schnapps and beers like Milwaukee ‘s Best light beer, Heineken or Budweiser while conservatives opt for spirits such as Jägermeister, Jack Daniels or Malibu and beers like Coors, Corona Light and Busch.

In the center of the American political spectrum you can find the rum drinkers (especially Bacardi and Captain Morgan) and Bud Light beer. Who knows if these drinks also have some influence on the politics preferences in our latitudes? Judging by the amount of English citizens drinking beer, what would that mean according to this study? Are the Lager drinker from the Labour Party and the Guinness drinker for the Liberal Party?

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103 Etiqueta Blanca



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Brandy Soberano 1L