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The Gimlet Cocktail

 TAGS:The Cocktail Gimlet is made with Gin (usually a Dry Gin, like Diplôme Dry Gin) and with neutral type of Vodka like the famous Smirnoff Red Label. Its name means “barrier” and has been associated with tools of drilling small holes. This cocktail is considered to be a ?barrier? because it penetrates every person who decides to try it.

This cocktail has been invented by Sir Thomas Gimlette, Admiral of the Royal Navy, who used to make this drink in order to generalize the consumption of lemon (and its vitamins) on the boat, to avoid scurvy.

The preparation of Cocktail Gimlet has some variants. The original recipe is:


  • 4 parts of gin,
  • 1 part of lime juice
  • and a slice of lemon to garnish the cocktail glass.

Another variant in the preparation of this cocktail is given by David A. Embury in 1958:

  • 2 ounces of gin
  • 1/2 ounce of lime juice
  • 1/4 ounce of simple syrup
  • 1 slice of lemon

While William L. Hamilton said in 2002 to a review in The New York Times that Gimlet Cocktail Recipe was:

  • 4 ounces of vodka
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 1/2 ounces of Lemon
  • Lemon slice for garnish

Gary Regan in the Bartender Bible presents the Gimlet Cocktail Recipe like that:

  • 2 ounces of Plymouth Gin
  • 1/2 ounce of lemon juice
  • Slice of lemon

As you can see the possible variations of this cocktail are numerous and you will have to try several to choose your favorite. You could even create your own, who knows?
The Gimlet cocktail is not that famous compared to others that have appeared in books and blockbuster movies, but some consider it as a martini good enough to find its public.

This cocktail can be pleasant in hot climate. It is very simple to prepare and everyone added with the passage of time the ideal proportions to balance the flavors. Many people drink it ?on the rock?, it is not recommended to add water.





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Bombay Sapphire

How beer is fermented


The fermentation in beer is a basic and the most important part of its development process. It depends on the temperature and the mixture of different ingredients. Moreover, taking into account the composition of the juice, the, pressure, how we add yeast, the oxygen…

During the fermentation step juice is added to the tanks for this purpose and mixed with yeast to convert the sugar in the juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide, which is the purpose of this process. There are two important stages, primary and secondary fermentation.

Primary begins when yeast is mixed with the must that is already cooled and encompassing the adaptive exponential growth of the yeast. We will control the maximum temperature for good results.

The secondary fermentation is based on tuning the beer before packaging and transferred to another vessel and is usually done after about 9 days of primary fermentation. The temperature in this phase is 15 ° C but depends on the temperature of the first phase, and thus should generally be between 5 and 10 ° C less than the first.

The type of fermentation is further divided into high or low, and the results are Ale beers (high) and Lager (low). Passing beer fermentation by low temperatures occurs in about 6 ° C and for this particular yeast that are at the bottom of the tanks. A popular top-fermented beer is pilsner.

While top-fermented beers are made with really high temperatures of 16 ° C on average. German beers or Ale are of such type fermentation.

Another type of fermentation is the spontaneous, without yeast added, usuin ghte yeast of the air. Hardly used now.





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Alhambra Reserva 1925

Home wine cellar: the most common mistakes

 TAGS:The wine is a living element evolving continually, very delicate to preserve; it particularly requires sensitivity and awareness.

If you want to install a wine cellar in a villa home there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Choose a room facing north or, at most, to the northwest and on the ground floor, which is the cooler area.
  • Ensure that the walls are thick to keep the temperature as constant as possible and insulate the bottles from noise, odor, etc?
  • Note that the ideal soil is clay or sand.
  • Find a ventilated place without much light, if it is a small, windowless room is essential to install an extractor

If what you have is a flat, you should

  • Choose the most interior room with window to a sunless yard. It is important not to have too much heat or light.
  • Adjusting the space conditioning equipment regulating light and moisture and line with suitable insulating walls: polyurethane foam, fiberglass , etc. 

The most common mistakes

The problem of space sometimes forced to adopt emergency solutions. Those solutions only get to spoil the wine. Most often you can find them on a corner of the garage, probably full of smells of gasoline and oil, plus of course the engine CO2 and thunderous noise and bustle.

The storage solutions are also often frequent. The lack of isolation and ventilation also contributes to spoil the wine. As for the kitchen closet, nothing more inappropriate: proximity to the vibrations of the refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher and heat from fires or furnace so negatively affect the wine that most likely is that , when we drink it , it will have become vinegar.

The custom of playing winemaker at home and have a cask is a game because a home cannot mimic the conditions that occur in real cellar. If you want to save the displeasure to see that after so careful treatment wine is only good to be thrown, you should keep a distance between you and the home barrels.


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Château Montrose 2003



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Viña Ulises Crianza 2005

Women too like beer


The beer market has been favored by the preference of women to consume this refreshing drink. For example, recently it has been known that the number of female?s beer lovers in the UK has grown in the last three years.

Camra, an association for the promotion of ale beer in the UK, has been commissioned to study the figures with the launch of its Great British Beer Festival in London and says that, compared to the previous year, over 20,000 more women have joined the list of beer fans. In addition they have found that one third of women attending preferred Ale. This amount is twice bigger than 3 years ago.

This shows that women have had a higher level of openness to try the beer Ale and enjoy its delicious taste. There are currently 8,000 different brands of beer on the market, so that the British are leaning toward locally produced beers in the UK.

Some words from a representative of Camra were:

It is interesting that more and more women are preferring ale. Our national drink changed its image years ago and is now increasingly seen as a drink for women, more than for men. This trend will help put all the British beer market back on a growth path.

Christine cryne, national executive member of Camra , said :

The increased interest in real ale among women in the UK is largely due to the wide variety of beer which is now available. So it is not surprising that this trend will be replicated in countries around the world and especially in those with a prominent craft beer production.

What is your favorite type of beer? We recommend:

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Buxton Der Nord Sekt



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Moor Hoppiness 66cl

The origin of wine

 TAGS:There are two myths about the origins of fermentation. The first is that the beer was “invented” or more accurately, discovered by chance. The second, that the wine was also an accident. It is highly unlikely that, given the elegantly simple and yet so complex brewing process, the beer was no more than a coincidence. The same goes for the wine, although it is likely that our ancestors watch how fruit juices changed when they were left to rot or decompose under certain conditions.

The reason why it is unlikely that the wine discovery was an accident is due to the discovery of grape seeds, or pips, which are found in abundance in the lower parts of Georgia – Russia. The seeds have been carbon- dated and are estimated to have around 7,000 years old. What makes these seeds exceptional is not only their wealth but their shape. The seeds that have come together to grow differ in shape and genetic information from the wild seeds.

All modern grapes grown are hermaphrodites, or have the characteristics of both sexes. This is because our relatives from the late Stone Age harvested only female vines. Grape vines when left by themselves, are male and female. The females bear fruit, while males pollinate. When primitive man arrived they saved the female plants and reduced males. Over time, only hermaphrodite?s vines were able to survive. One of the survivors of the experiments with the primitive man came called vitis vinifera, which is the species from which they sprang wine grapes. People in these early days were attentive enough to highlight this kind of grapes for its high sugar content. No sugar, no wine.

Why fermentation was not an accident? This is open to discussion, but the wine, like beer, could not have come into existence without matching certain conditions. Along with sugar it is necessary to have the yeast, and the grapes of the first men have gathered it in their skin, seemingly randomly, and its many types must be naturally creating yeasts. Now we know that some of these natural yeasts are not very good for wine and can only lead to fermentation as much, but probably did enough work to get that the primitive man came up where he had to arrive, which is, according to early writings on wine, the place of the gods.

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Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005



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Gran Feudo Chivite Reserva 2006

8 health benefits of red wine


Wine is one of the world’s oldest drinks. Its history dates back thousands of years, and while drinking to excess any alcoholic beverage is dangerous for health, it is scientifically proven that drinking a glass of red wine per day brings its benefits.

Reducing the risk of death in many cases: European researchers argue that moderate daily consumption of red wine (22-32 g of alcohol) has a good effect on mortality. According to studies carried out in France, UK, Finland and Denmark, moderate consumption of wine is more beneficial than beer or other spirits.

Smoking: Smoking damages the natural ability of blood vessels to relax, what is called vasodilation. Red wine, with or without alcohol , decreases the harmful effects of tobacco consumption in the endothelium – layer of cells that reduces friction in the lining of lymph vessels , blood vessels and heart.

Heart problems: One of the most known and recognized wine consumption virtues is the protective effect on the heart. Indeed, the moderate and regular consumption of red wine can be preventive in the heart and cardiovascular problems. Scientists believe the red wine reduces the risk because it minimizes the production of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and the formation of high density lipoprotein (HDL).

Blood clots: Red wine produced an anticoagulant action or anti -thrombotic. Occasional or moderate wine consumers show a lower level of fibrinogen proteins that are responsible for the formation of blood clots.

Hypertension: Excessive alcohol consumption is generally considered a risk factor for hypertension. However, clinical trials show positive effects of red wine on blood pressure. Two glasses of red wine (250 ml), while eating, reduces blood pressure after meals.
Kidney Stones: wine consumption reduces the risk of kidney stone formation.

Alzheimer’s disease: The moderate consumption of wine is often put forward in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have shown that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine, has neuroprotective effects.

Thus, I will not conclude by saying that everyone should drink wine every day, but it can be worth if you are in one of the situations above. Therefore, let’s all buy wine!

Tant to receive a wine suggestion? We recommend you 2:

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Château Phélan Segur 2012



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Chateau Lynch-Bages 2005

How to remove the smell of wine cork


The American food popularizer Harold McGee published some time ago in a U.S. newspaper a curious article in which, with his usual dose of good humor as well as scientific rigor, he spoke about the delicate organoleptic balance of the wine and how easily we can ?spoil ” a good wine according to the materials with which it may enter in contact.

The author, always ready to experiment, found, for example, as in contact with different types of metal wines free electricity, which in itself is not important, but he created a curious devise to remove odor to cork that some bottles sometimes have. There for through market you can find devices that promise to speed the aeration of wine, but often also produce an effect of loss of the original flavors and aromas.

The truth is that these products are often expensive and their effectiveness questionable. We can even find necklaces bottle magnets whose manufacturers claim to allow you to taste the wine in all its fullness immediately, no need to decant, or inlaid copper discs promising precious metal, in seconds, to get the same effect that a year aging in the cellar.

With the help of some friends specialists, respectively, in chemistry and enology, McGee made some blind tastings in which he failed to verify the actual effectiveness of most devices on the market, taking into account that there are practices (as dipping copper coins came to remove unwanted flavors) that meet the same task at a fraction of the cost .

In fact, the only trick that was effective in this case to eliminate the unpleasant taste of some wine cork, is quite simple: just dip for a few minutes a bit of “film” plastic food in wine. Is compelling scientific explanation : the molecule responsible for the smell of cork , called 2,4,6- trichloroanisole , is very similar to polyethylene, and almost instantly adheres to the plastic , which when removed, wine aromas have lost cork?s. The downside? Many other aromatic molecules will also be lost, and the result can be a wine without cork smell, but with less aromas. But still drinkable.

What wine would you hate to spoil you? Today we recommend two wines that you really have to enjoy in the right conditions, because they are fantastic!

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Finca las Caraballas 2012



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La Gioiosa Fragolino Rosso

Drinks without hangover ?


Recently, a group of Australian scientists has discovered the formula for making a beer that does not give a hangover. How did they do? This group belongs to the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland, which used mineral electrolytes for his invention.

The new mineral drink contains electrolytes, the same as those used in sports drinks, and they act to reduce dehydration of the body to maintain the fluid in perfect balance, thus preventing the famous hangover the next day.

Another variant of this beer is that it has helped to reduce the alcohol content to improve hydration. Associate Professor at the Centre for Health Institute Griffith Innovation health, said:

  • “Basically, we handle the electrolyte levels of two commercial beers, regular strong and light beer, and gave them to research subjects who had lost a lot of sweat during exercise. Then, we used a series of measures to monitor the recovery of fluids of different participants in each beer. Of the four subjects who consumed beer, light beer was the best kept by the body, meaning that it was more effective to rehydrate the subjects. The “best” light beer was actually a third more effective to hydrate a person than a regular beer. ”

Many drinks containing electrolytes are recommended to be consumed after the sports training, but Desbrow does not recommend drinking after exercise: “Alcohol in a dehydrated body can have all kinds of consequences, including a reduction of risk awareness .

And in this type of drinks do not cause hangovers there is also a Russian vodka being sold successfully in the UK, called ?Beluga Noble Russian Vodka? is developed with Siberian ?craft water” made thanks to a process of maturity of 30 days, which prevents consumers from feeling the symptoms of a hangover the next day.

Manufacturers go further to say that Beluga will not cause any type of hangover.

In an edition designed to be eaten with caviar, Beluga Noble Russian Vodka gold has a maturation of 90 days. Beluga represents 87% of the Russian market and seems very interested to export to the rest of Europe.

Have you tried it already? Would you tell us your experience? On Uvinum we offer the best price:

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Vodka Beluga Noble Russian



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Beluga Gold Noble Russian Vodka

How to quickly cool your beer


At certain times of year, like summer, some drinks heat up quickly, losing its freshness and flavor. This is the case of beer, which warm or hot, it doesn?t taste the same and isn?t as good on the palate. The beer should be drunk chilly to take away the heat. To cool it quickly, we have some options.

We can put the beer in a large bowl filled with water and ice. It is perfect when we are away from home, as we have on hand a large bowl and ice.

If we want the beer to be fresh instantly, then we can use the same bowl, water, ice and salt. Strangely, with salt, ice and cold water cools beers more quickly. At the same time, we can put the bowl in the freezer. It is recommended to put the beer bottles in a bag so you do not have some salt taste when you drink it.

If you come home with warm beer, you can always put it in the freezer. Now freezers are at high temperatures and in a few minutes the beer Is ready. Not as effective as the previous case, but while we wait we can always prepare something to eat.

If you are in the mountains and close to a river, you can use the following trick. We can always leave our beer cans or bottles into the river, anchored with stones or some support to prevent escape. The river water is usually colder, so we’ll have our fresh beers as we need.
We can also make use of the method of paper or newspaper, it is very simple to perform. Just break a paper or newspaper strips, wash it or soak it in water for a moment and paste or wrap directly on the bottle or can of beer.

What are your favorite beers? We recommend:

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Waterloo Double Dark 8





The 5 strongest beers to celebrate Oktoberfest


It?s Oktoberfest! Beer is the star of this festival of German tradition, which, despite its name is not celebrated in October, but the third week of September. The reason? Although Oktoberfest was originally celebrated in October, it was suggested to celebrate Oktoberfest in September because the weather is more favorable.

In October in Germany the weather is quite cold, so most beers consumed for Oktoberfest are of a higher alcohol content (the highest). But what are these superpower beers? There are beers up to 65% alcohol (the famous Armageddon), but if you have not been lucky enough to buy one when it was still available (it is made in very small quantities and on a short period), and want to enjoy a different Oktoberfest with stronger beers today I present to you five of the strongest beers sold on Uvinum. Yes, if you buy beer for Oktoberfest, drink in moderation!

 Here are the 5 strongest beers sold on Uvinum:

5. With 13% of alcohol content, the “demon” beer

 TAGS:Belzebuth 250mlBelzebuth 250ml

Belzebuth 250ml



4. 14% of alcohol content for the strongest lager





3. 15% of alcohol content, the whiskey land’s beer

 TAGS:Brewdog Paradox Isle Of ArranBrewdog Paradox Isle Of Arran

Brewdog Paradox Isle Of Arran



2. 15% of alcohol content, the Bordeaux style beer

 TAGS:De Molen Bommen & Granaten BordeauxDe Molen Bommen & Granaten Bordeaux

De Molen Bommen & Granaten Bordeaux



1. 32% of alcohol content, the nuclear bomb

 TAGS:Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 375mlBrewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 375ml

Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 375ml