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The alcohol in wine is healthier

 TAGS:The benefits of wine for the health are already proven for some time, so that doctors typically include a moderate intake of wine in a balanced diet. However, the extent to which elements of wine can help maintain health is something that is still under investigation. There are many different elements that compose the wine, and not all have been investigated in depth yet.

In fact, this past week a scientific study of the Center for Biomedical Network Research-Pathophysiology of Obesity and Nutrition (Cibreobn), protected by the Health Institute Carlos III, concluded that the beneficial effects of wine in reducing blood pressure and arterial and cell inflammation, are not only caused by the ?famous? red wine polyphenols but also by ethanol, the alcohol contained in wine.

The study was conducted in order to understand the so-called ?French paradox?. The French, despite having a diet with more saturated fat, have lower incidence of heart and circulatory conditions, contrary to what should be normal. One of the discussed hypothesis was that a higher consumption of wine (and therefore of the polyphenols contained therein), balanced the situation and reduced the risk.

To test this hypothesis, a homogeneous sample of people was studied, dividing it into 3 groups:

  • The first were asked not to consume alcohol
  • The second, to take red wine in moderation 
  • The last group was advised to moderate consumption of gin

To the surprise of the doctors, the only group that did not diminish their cardiac risk was the one which not consumed alcohol, while individuals that included gin in their diet improved, although less than those who consumed wine.

So, delving into the reasons for this conclusion, it was determined that the beneficial effect that has previously been associated with polyphenols, is actually the aggregate of the beneficial effects of these polyphenols plus the ethanol, which also has the gin, and which explained why those who consumed gin also improved in their analytical.

Finally, it was considered that the beneficial effects of wine are especially significant when intake is moderate (1 to 3 drinks per day), and always in the context of a varied and healthy diet.

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