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Wine against depression

 - Results of a study on wine. Oooook , just discovered by America. Oh no! Guess what, this time researchers are Spanish. 

The University of Navarra, which is something so close to Rioja wine, has concluded that the wine is the best against depression.

But we all already knew it. Maybe, maybe yes, but did you know why it makes you happy and releive your spirit and soul? Well the scientists of this great University stayed in there lab, and decided not to go out without a solid answer.

When I say solid, as we talk about the wine, I mean consistent with that answer you can be sure about, the one you can talk about with no fear of being a fool. This interests us. Well, yes. In addition to all these other benefits of wine on health, as the fact that it helps us to stay young and handsome, it is now proven that wine also puts a smile on our face.How good is this news? And it has been established that if you drink between 2 and 7 glasses of wine a week, it reduces by 32 % the probability of entering state of depression.

Great, what a coincidence that this figure also, not more than 7 glasses of wine a week is ideal for health because it only provides benefits without actually involve any collateral risk, as we noted in another post. Health and happiness, plenty reasons to be linked to the wine. And yet I say more. If you choose your favorite wines, if you share with friends and family, nice people, serve them well if accompanied by a sumptuous homemade food of those who know are yummy, seasonal ingredients … what more could you ask for, you have 32 to 99% chance to avoid any depression or temporary sadness.

So, as the good news spread, do your relatives know that we have entered a new era? Wine consumption on prescription would be a good idea, especially if accompany your favorite wine with great recipes:

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