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Heineken vs Budweiser: best tv beer ads

Are you a night owl? Are you an athlete? Are you traditional? Are you going for the exotic? Are you going to play it safe? Do you like risk? Sometimes you have to choose, also regarding beer. The best beer to see a good game, especially with friends, is Budweiser. However, for a night when you know where you begin but not where you’ll end up at, in whichthe unexpected is the only general trend, then Heineken is your beer.

Through their original advertising campaigns these two beer brands set themselves apart from the typical ads and really get our attention. As much as a bottle of any of these beers just opened, spilling its contents into a glass topped with foam will get it.

Heineken pushes us to open our minds, forgetting the limits and living the crazy way of life. Under the slogan “Open your world” they advertise the beer in a commercial which has adistinct Tarantino inspiration.

The Chinese New Year, the world of magic and Heineken version of the movie Pulp Fiction are the elements selected to form the brand advertising slogan, seen on TV and online. Best of all is its soundtrack “Jan Pehchan Ho” (roughly translated it means: we should get to know each other) by Mohammed Rafi who puts the beat in this delirious sequence of night scenes that define the newest of Heineken. Same song was also chosen for the film Ghost World original sound track.

Budweiser is committed to a very different concept. The friendship, the values that surround it and the different nights where three friends meet with other pals are the central theme ofan ad that seeks to highlight the small pleasures of life, always better in good company and with a good beer

Which ad do you prefer? And, more importantly, which beer do you prefer?