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The best value for the wines of Rioja


Rioja wine is the most popular wine in Spain, and one of the most recognized worldwide. Some of the best Spanish wines are produced each year in the Rioja. This beautiful region offers spectacular harvest (cheap and easy to drink wine) as well as great wines with the best value for money, some of them among the most appreciated by the critics. Do you want to taste them? Today we present you some of the best wines of the Rioja with the best value for money:

 TAGS:Luis Cañas Crianza 2010Luis Cañas Crianza 2010

Luis Cañas Crianza 2010 was chosen by the magazine The Wine Advocate as red wine with best value for money. The new vintage of this wine promises to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor.


 TAGS:Imperial Gran Reserva 2007Imperial Gran Reserva 2007

Imperial Gran Reserva 2007: The 2004 vintage of this wine Cune (CVNE) was recently chosen as the best wine in the world in 2013 by Wine Spectator. A gem for less than 30 ?


 TAGS:Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002: This winery is specialized in Reservas and Grandes Reservas and therefore produces elegant wines, soft, harmonious and complex. This vintage was rated by Robert Parker with 95 points out of 100. One of the best in Spain for less than 20 ?.


 TAGS:Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2005Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2005

Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2005: A major advantage of Rioja wines is that this region produces Reserva and Gran Reserva wines at fantastic prices. Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva is a perfect example.


 TAGS:Viña Albina Reserva 2007Viña Albina Reserva 2007

Viña Albina Reserva 2007: you can hardly find a Reserva for about 6 ?. If it has the approval of most iconic Bodegas Rioja, what more could you ask for?