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What do you orefer, blend or monovarietal?

 TAGS:Who do you love more, your mom or dad? Would you rather blend or varietal? Come on, there are things you do not ask, mostly because there is no need to choose. Let’s see, you cannot have everything in life and that is why we know that in one bottle we cannot have both the varietal and the blend, but who says we cannot have a bottle of each?

Now that we have established the principles of our theory (I’m sure that until now almost we all agree) we will deepen, but not too much.

Monovarietal wine is that made from a single grape variety (as its name suggests). Although as in the world of wine things are different, and even more in the world of wineries (you know why I say this), very often it is not even necessary that the composition is a type of grape to 100%, if not that many times it is enough to certify the 85% of that grape in it. In Spain, among the strictest we have the Albariño, which do require that 100% of the grape to be consider as it.

When we blend (the French term for it is ?coupage? and you are lucky just to read and not to hear my pronunciation of that word) we can refer to different things. In either case, the mixture is at the heart of the matter.

We have blend wines that are produced from the mixture of different grape varieties for a more round and more personalized result. You can also talk about blending when using grapes from the same strain, but with different characteristics and when using grapes from different strains, located in areas of different morphology.

Another method of blending is that carried out when using the same variety of wine but in which aging was carried out differently throughout the volume, either by the wood type or by the length of its period in wood or bottle.

It is easy to see that blending is always a risk that demands a high level of knowledge of grapes and a very experienced professional so that the result is richer (not in only regarding taste, but in shades, qualities, etc..) than how would a single variety of the same source be.