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Wine destinations for early New Year travellers

 TAGS:If you are so lucky that on the early year you can leave home to travel to any domestic or international destination to disconnect, meet friends, relax, go out and forget about the routine you can also take the chance to do a bit of wine and food tourism, which never hurts and helps expand knowledge in these matters.

For example, if you are in the lucky group that will spend these days of January in the Canary Islands enjoying the good weather and the beach, then there is nothing better than to taste a Malvasia, sweet or dry. But if you are looking for bodied red wines with high dose of design (outside on the bottle), you cannot go without bringing in the suitcase a Suertes del Marqués El Esquilón, which is also great and surprises with its  combination of Tintilla and Black Listán grapes.

Those who plan to travel to Catalonia, can grab a good assortment of cava (sparkling wines from the region) to water the meals and dinners we have ahead of us. In addition to traditional brands, I recommend visiting some family wineries to know some new ones. And please, do not forget to add to the shopping list some rosé cava (my favorite one).

And besides the typical “souvenirs” we all usually buy when we travel abroad: such as lottery, sweets of all kinds, gastronomic specialties from the place, or deli we chose guided by greed and then share once back home, it’s smart to expand our wine collection with some new wines.

If you are one of those adventurers who decide to escape to the Pyrenees for a good acquaintance with the cold in nature, you cannot come back unless you have a bottle of Somontano in your backpack. In previous posts I have already given some ideas to you about these wines. And if you go by Zaragoza, then you have the perfect excuse to add to the list some Cariñena wines to import.

Those who are planning to travel to Galicia to gorge on seafood before prices are made entirely through the roof (and we have almost already reached that point), can bring back to their city loaded with some box Ribeiro or Albariño, which will last longer than half dozen crabs and do not need as much caution when to conserve.

For all other destinations I would need at least ten more posts so, I leave it to you in the comments. I look forward to reading your proposals!