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Top beer consuming countries I

 TAGS:Taking a look on “The Drinks Business” web I saw that they published the other day an interesting article in which they offered a ranking of world?s top beer consuming countries. The data provided were drawn from the website of the World Health Organization but there was a misunderstanding … the ranking did not show the ten countries that consumed more beer but those who consume more liters of pure alcohol in general.

Aside from the discomfort of many users who were visibly offended to read that Germany and Ireland were not among the top places of the list, the point is clear: beer has less alcohol than wine and even less than distillates.

Thus, the most typical beer consuming countries, as the two mentioned, were far away from the “honorary” positions of this ranking because of course, more beer consumption (lower proportion of pure alcohol per liter) minus consumption of other alcoholic beverages (more powerful). Time is limited.

By now you can imagine that with Ireland in fourth place and Germany in the eighth, or what is equally surprising: UK at No. 15, U.S. occupying the 24th and Australia at the 22nd, the classification was entirely unexpected.

Specifically, the first place was occupied by Palau, an archipelago in the Pacific where 8.68 liters of pure alcohol are consumed per person (fifteen years and older) per year. The Czech Republic in second position, and the Seychelles occupying third place finish composing this triumvirate of ethyl countries which have in common besides that fact the beauty of their landscapes, each one in its own style.

Czech Republic is a place to consider because, coincidences of life, it?s also there where most liters of beer are consumed per person per year (according to the data that Kirin Holdings Company reflects in their study “Per Capita Beer Consumption by Country” made in 2010). And how good are Czech beers! So all those who have never tasted any yet can find in this post and all these data a scientific reason to start drinking in moderation, in order to find out home based what has this country?s beer that makes people drink it so much.