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New wines from Extremadura

 TAGS:What a joy! When summer comes to its end, the arrival of Autumn and its routines (including work) start to get back to our lives and it seems that everything good from the year has been left behind us. But some good surprises still await us: one of my current favorite wineries launches two new wines. Take that!

Number nine and ten (?Habla nº9? and ?Habla diez?) are Habla winery proposals for this season. It seems like we talk about fashion but the truth is that these wines, plus having a great taste, come with a trend presentation of minimalist inspiration which delights for its white and black contrast and the purity of the lines that discover its name from the first look at the bottle.

The new wines from Extremadura have in the charming town of Trujillo and Bodegas habla their standard. They steadily make their way among wine lovers who make a special niche in our collections, waiting eagerly while following the count and expecting that the quality is maintained, as it has been the case to date.

One of these two new wines, Habla Diez 2010, is pure Syrah and the other one, Habla No. 9 2008, combines perfectly Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot (yes!). I have not tasted them yet but I have already ordered mine and they won?t survive the weekend.

However, Habla wines which have been driven to the top of the most wanted wines from this region lists for their presence and content are not the only wines of Extremadura worth talking about. Dehesavieja or Tribel de Mirabel use the tempranillo with great mastery, either alone as the first from Bodegas Dehesavieja, or combined with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, like the one from Bodegas Mirabel does.

As for pink and white wines, we find a profound silence in Habla, but we have some good options anyway: Nadir Rosado 2011, which is very demanded, as Spring Rosado from Bodegas Sani is as well.

One of the white wines from Extremadura that I like best is the Jaloco Zafra Blanco, from Bodegas Antonio Medina and Sons, which also has a solid collection of interesting reds that I recommend.

So with these new wine autumnal proposals coming from Extremadura the best thing to do is to arrange an informal dinner where Iberian ham (either from Extremadura, Guijuelo, Salamanca or Huelva) and Torta del Casar cheese from Cáceres are the best companion of the reds that you choose for that first contact (if you had not tasted them yet) or to strengthen ties (if they already are old friends).

 Wanna try them? So here you are:

 TAGS:Habla Nº9 2008Habla Nº9 2008

Habla Nº9 2008



 TAGS:Habla Diez 2010Habla Diez 2010

Habla Diez 2010