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Christmas DIY with Wine Bottles


The holiday season is approaching and, with it, the pretext to enjoy a drink with your loved ones. Instead of recycling empty wine bottles, why don’t you seize the opportunity to start a DIY activity and dive into the Christmas spirit. Indeed, the holiday season is probably one of the best periods to boost your creativity. Here are a few ideas: 

Glitter Holiday Message Bottles

These lettered wine bottles can express your winter felicity for the coming holidays. All you need is to paint the bottles in any colour of your choice and, then, to write your message This probably is the loveliest way to share your Christmas spirit with the whole family.

Christmas Wine Bottle Lamps

After cleaning up your bottles, place bright Christmas lights inside them and watch how they turn into perfect holiday lamps which warmly illuminate any room. You’d better drill a small hole in the bottom of the bottle to let the cable an easy-way-out. 

Twined and Painted Bottles

Use some bottles with twine at the tops and give them a casual look. First, paint them white and then add red decorations or lettering in order to write a heart-warming holiday wish. To finish off the look, add red berries, tiny pine cones and some holly leaves. 

Candlestick Bottles

If you can draw properly, paint white bottles to look like Santa or any other usual Christmas character. After that, you can display them on tall candlesticks and put them wherever you prefer in your living room. This is an elegant and alternative way to cheer up your home!

Santa Face Bottles

Santa Claus is the most important Christmas character. So you can pick up a few red bottles and draw the white of Santa’s beard, don’t hesitate to go one step further and stick cotton balls to make it a bit more lifelike. If full, the bottle becomes an original gift for your friends while, if it is empty, the fabrication will entertain the youngsters. 

 TAGS:Terras de Alleu 2013Terras de Alleu 2013

Terras de Alleu 2013 is a wine made by the winemakers Rui Madeira and Luís Cortinhas who focussed on the area’s three main grapes: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional.


 TAGS:Casal Mendes BrancoCasal Mendes Branco

Casal Mendes Branco, is a traditional wine from the Vinho Verde region, Portugal, and is one of the most important wines of this country.


In love with wine bottles? Give them a second life!


If you finished the wine want to give a second life to the bottle, there are different projects you can make at your home to give them a good use.

  • Slow drip irrigator for plants: If you have spare empty wine bottles, a garden and a little free time, you can feed your plants by drilling a hole in the cork and keeping the bottle always full of water over the desired container.
  • Bird feeder: If you love birds and like to listen to them in the mornings, you can create a simple wooden base to place the wine bottle upside down with only a part of the cap in place and keep it always full of seeds. The birds always will visit your home.
  • A simple vase: If you have been given a flower and you have no place for it, you can fill the empty wine bottle that you like with water and place the flower in full view of everyone at home.
  • A delimiter for the garden: Create a trail in your garden can be an opportunity to add something original to your decor. Bury bottles upside down in the soil, leaving exposed a small part, will make the path created much more interesting than if you use simple stones.
  • Maintain the shape of your boots: For those who use high boots, prevent warping is a real concern. The most effective and affordable option is to insert a bottle in each boot. They will keep their shape and always will stand in your closet.
  • A board for messages written in chalk: dip your empty wine bottles in a pot with chalkboard paint and wait for them to dry. You will get the reward of having the bottles used as a blackboard and leave messages for the family members in a fun way.
  • Lamps: If you have a tile drill or a friend to lend you one, you need only to make a small hole in the bottom of an empty wine bottle. Then you just have to insert a string of lights in the bottle and enjoy your new lamp.
  • Support for libraries: It is always desirable to maintain the order of the library. One option to avoid clutter your books as you read them is to place a wine bottle filled with sand between the books and the furniture.
  • To store whatever you want: If you don’t have many containers and have a transparent wine bottle, you can remove the label and place grains, dried foods or sweets inside.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Have others which can help recycling wine bottles?

 TAGS:Flores de Callejo 2013Flores de Callejo 2013

Flores de Callejo 2013: a red wine with Ribera del Duero DO vinified with tempranillo from 2013 and has an alcohol content of 14.5º.



 TAGS:Paco & Lola 2014Paco & Lola 2014

Paco & Lola 2014: a white wine from the Rias Baixas DO with albariño of 2014 and with an alcohol proof of 13,5º.



*Picture: Scrappy Annie (flickr)

How to have a small cellar at home


Any fan of the magnificent wine world already thought about making a small cellar in his house, and not only because they want to have good brand in perfect state available at any time, but also because he can buy wine on favorable condition: he acquires them without completing their aging and then allowed to complete it at home, while the market value multiplies.

But the problem arises with domestic installations: more often you just do not have the adequate space available, so people try emergency solutions that do nothing more than to spoil the wine.

The only wines that age well are the ones that have been made for aging , that is, it will be useless to save a young wine for years in a good cellar, almost certainly when you will be drinking it, it will be spoiled. The wines that can be saved are the crianza, reserva and large reserves, which have matured in wooden casks enough time to continue to do so later in the individual wineries.

To achieve this, the space for keeping wines must meet certain conditions: maintain a constant temperature that does not oscillate beyond 8 ° C at 18 °, with an ideal average of 12 ° C throughout the year. If the temperature rises, white wine undergo secondary fermentation and reds accelerate the oxidation process. Conversely, temperatures below cloud the wine and alter its color. It is therefore essential to have a thermometer to control at all times.

Achieving a sufficiently moist environment: air humidity does not harm the correct storage and aging of wine. Even better: it is necessary. But it is also important not to have excessive humidity, because in this case, wines acquire a distinctive musty smell. Ideally, not less than 80 % because the dryness affects corks, which shrink and let in the air.

Isolate noise and odor: although wine does not ?hear ?the vibrations and noise will greatly hurt, because it shakes and produces important organoleptic changes. The racks must be isolated from the fridge or any powered device. In the warehouse, you have to perform jobs that isolate from noise or vibration. Regarding odors, they also enters the bottles, so you cannot store wine with substances such as paint or gasoline, or near food giving off strong odors, such as cheese or ham.

You should ensure adequate ventilation so that the air is renewed. Ensure the absence of light : the wine is damaged if exposed to light long, hence, the winery must be very thin, because if not, there is a very rapid oxidation that experts recognize then when tasting the wine and called ” light flavor “.

Arrange the bottles horizontally: wines must stand horizontally so that the cork is always wet, the most practical is to stack the bottles, trying not to move it a lot to find what we seek. For this reason the order is critical.

¿Do you want to buy wine for your particular cellar? We suggest you:

 TAGS:Terra Di Lavoro 2010Terra Di Lavoro 2010

Terra Di Lavoro 2010



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La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000