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How to became a good wine taster


For a good wine tasting (or gin tonics, so fashionable lately, or beers), the taster should possess qualities and characteristics that make it special to appreciate tastes, smells and tastes like no other.

In addition to theoretical studies, the taster must have a sensory sensitivity, so that there are many people who don?t have a long experience in taste but, however, easily learn by the power of their senses.

Moreover, the experience is always a question of degree. The taster tested and different wines or beers throughout his life in order to compare and distinguish flavours in one drink. The taster is curious, he moves the investigation. Constantly try to discover new flavours and sensations.

The taster must be guided by what he knows and what he has learned when analyzing a wine. Here personal tastes are not worth having but the important thing to analyze is what will transmit the ingredients of each wine, leaving behind most personal experiences. He has to try many wines, especially doing blind tastings because, often, the brand determines what you are tasting, both for good and for bad.

The eternal question is whether you were born taster or made taster. Professionals are a combination of both. Some studies have shown that the ability to taste a wine would be genetic, with differences in great sensitivity to bitter tastes perceived preferably by the wine professionals.

The good taster has contact with the world of wine or food he tastes. He visits wineries, makes winemakers consultation with professionals, attends trade shows and industry conferences, and is aware of the developments that are emerging in both products and trends.

Want to taste 2 great wines? Today we recommend: 

 TAGS:Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013

Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013


 TAGS:Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012

Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012




The 10 most sold beers (I)

 - Without any doubt, beer is the most refreshing and worldwide recognized drink because of its variety and by the time its importance has grown that much that there are even beer sommeliers that evaluate and approve each type of this drink made out of barley.

But which ones are the best and the most recognized beer brands? Quality and sale not always goes together but if you want to know which beers are the most sold in the world, today we give you a ranking of the 10 most sold beers in the world, starting with the last 6:

 10. Asahi Super Dry: This beer  with 12,3 barrels sold in 2011 became Japan’s most favourite beer and it also expanded to 50 countries more, with great acceptance in Europe. Asahi is the golden japanese beer most sold in Europe.

 9. Brahma: With a sale record of 17,4 million barrels in 2011 Brahma tries to position itself among the most famous beers and best valuated ones, also because of the spots thast are remote-controlled to a brasilian audience, played by Jennifer Lopez.

 8. Miller Lite: This brand with 18 million sold barrels in 2011 is popular between lovers of light beers and it reached position 4 in the United States. It is as well the sponsor of the internationally recognized events of NASCAR.

 7. Coors Light: This beer is one of the growing brands of the United States with 18,2 million  barrils of beer sold in 2011, beating Budweiser and becoming the second most popular among consumers. Since today its sale has increased year after year although it is still a small brand compared to the market leaders. Its future is promising if this trend persists. Concerning the advertisinig, there are new commercials protagonised by Jean Claude Van Damme.

 6. Heineken: Recognized worldwide and with 26 million barrels sold in 2011, this green bottles with etiquettes with a red star is one of the most favourites because of its lagertype. In 2012 this brand decreased in popularity in the United States and in Europe because of its price augmentation. Its sale decreased 1,7%. Concerning the advertising and campaigns, the popularity of Heineken grew from the moment James Bond starting to drink beer instead of a classical vodka.

 5. Skol: With 29,4 million bottles sold in 2011, it positions itself on place 5 of the sales. This beer is growing on the american, british and chinese market and is extremely popular in Africa and South America. For advertising Skol used social networks and created a webpage on which you can see a brazilian music festival. Legendary, whereever you can find it, it has had a great comeback.

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