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7 ways to have a brandy

 TAGS:undefinedThe word brandy originates from the Dutch word “Brandewijn” which means burned wine. To mix it in cocktails it is better to use younger ones.

There are different kinds of brandy and although it can be mixed, usually it is drunken plainly. Today we show you some brandy cocktails that you can prepare at home to make this drink more versatile.

1. Brandy Daisy


  • 59 ml brandy
  • 2 dashes of rum
  • 2 to 3 splashes blue curacao
  • 3 to 4 splashes plain syrup
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 Soda


  1. Put all the ingredients except the soda in a shaker with ice.
  2. Shake it well, strain and serve it in a big cocktail glass.
  3. Fill up with soda.

2. Metropolitano


  • 44 ml brandy
  • 29 ml sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar syrup
  • 2 splashes Bitter Angostura


  1. Put the brandy, vermouth, syrup and bitter in a shaker with ice.
  2. Shake, strain and serve in a cocktail glass previously cooled in the freezer.

3. Dirty Mother:


  • 44 ml brandy
  • 22 ml coffee liquor


  1. Put all the ingredients in an old fashioned glass with ice.
  2. Stir with a mixing spoon and serve.

4. Cognaretto


  • 59 ml cognac
  • 59 ml Amaretto


  1. Pour the brandy and amaretto in a tulip glass and serve.

5. Green Room


  • 29 ml brandy
  • 59 ml French or dry Vermouth
  • 2 splashes curacao


  1. Mix well all the ingredients with crushed ice in a shaker.
  2. Strain and serve in a chilled cocktail glass.

 6. Babbies


  • 44 ml apricot brandy
  • 14 ml cream
  • some drops of gin


  1. Mix well all the ingredients with crushed ice in a shaker.
  2. Strain and serve in a cocktail glass.

7. Between the sheets


  • 14 ml brandy
  • 14 ml white rum
  • 14 ml Cointreau


  1. Put all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and mix well for a couple of minutes.
  2. Strain the mixture in a cocktail glass and serve.

 TAGS:Soberano 1LSoberano 1L

Soberano 1L



 TAGS:Terry Centenario 1LTerry Centenario 1L

Terry Centenario 1L



The 250 years of Hennessy


Hennessy turns 250 during this 2015, being a reference in the world of beverages. Therefore, this producer and manufacturer of cognac will celebrate this date with several events around the world.

Among these events highlights the Hennessy Tour, born as a different cultural festival. Firstly, you can find out what the reference of this brand is, its history, its future… with entertainment events and performances by contemporary artists.

In addition, the Hennessy tour includes a travelling exhibition to raise awareness of the life of this cognac producer. It is based on publicizing some contemporary artists offering aspects of the life of the company. Among the various works of these artists there are works by Xavier Veilhan and Pierrick Sorin, Tony Oursler, Charles Sandison or Anton Corbijn. All these artists make a review of the life and history of Hennessy through photographs, documents and some other media.

But this celebration is not the only, since it as has also been released the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend, a very special and unique collection for this different celebration. To get this kind of edition they have used hours of work and rest in barrels that have been specially built for the occasion. This new edition surprises by its colour, very bright, with a warm amber shade, along with fine aromas of herbs with some notes of citrus and nutmeg.

In turn, the makers of Hennessy will also prepare a 21st century time capsule, where people who want to will leave a written message inside the Hennessy cellars barrels. The intention is that these messages will be sealed in the “Time Barrel” until it opens in half a century for the next remarkable anniversary of the company.


 TAGS:Hennessy FineHennessy Fine

Hennessy Fine: a great and value for money cognac from France with an alcohol strength of 40º. 



 TAGS:Hennessy X.O.Hennessy X.O.

Hennessy X.O.: a cognac native of France with an alcohol content of 40º. 4 points on 5 is the valuation Uvinum’s users gave to Hennessy X.O


Brandy Alexander: Cocktails with brandy


Cognac and brandy are often associated, wrongly, with large glasses in which to drink, slightly hot, older brandies very high alcohol content that delight the gourmets.

And yet, it seems that the brandy is an ideal beverage for the preparation of delicious cocktails. It is true that many brandies and cognacs are way too good to be mixed with another drink. As for great whiskies, it is almost a sin. But choosing an average brandy, it is possible to elaborate original cocktails that will appeal to everyone. The idea of the day: the Brandy Alexander.

Brandy Alexander


  • 2 ounces of brandy
  • One ounce of cocoa cream
  • 2 ounces of cream
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder or chocolate powder


Pour the brandy and the cocoa cream in a shaker. Add the cream, sugar and ice, and shake vigorously.

Serve in a glass and sprinkle with cocoa or chocolate powder.

This is a very digestive cocktail widely consumed after heavy meals.

To choose the ideal brandy for preparing a brandy Alexander, I recommend you to choose an average price one. A brandy that you can drink and enjoy alone, but not too great. It will accompany your cocktail with elegance.

Ready to prepare a Brandy Alexander? We recommend two brandies :

 TAGS:Brandy Soberano 1LBrandy Soberano 1L

Brandy Soberano 1L



 TAGS:103 Etiqueta Blanca103 Etiqueta Blanca

103 Etiqueta Blanca

Coming Father’s Day

 TAGS:Father’s Day is around the corner and every year we do the same, leaving the choice of the perfect gift for the last time. Luckily there is internet and thanks to it we don’t need to move more than a finger to get home that bottle of wine you want to give to dad (or, even better, to get it directly delivered at his address, why not?).

Probably within a week we will be invited to a dinner with our parents on the occasion of celebrating this day, so let’s be proactive and generous in choosing the gift, because then probably with a little luck, we’ll also enjoy it ourselves ( you just have to have a little nerve).

As perfect gift for Father’s Day I always suggest a bottle of wine. This time, I encourage you to go for Salitre 2009. The reasons are several, and you will certainly agree with me (especially when you taste it). But as I know you like to get some details in advance I would just say that the production is very limited, no more than 1,800 bottles, and the harvest is done manually, after an exhaustive selection of the clusters.

If you prefer to be a little more original and you are looking for a non conventional gift for Father’s Day, you can hit the mark with a bottle of white wine (Yes! Quite original, ain’t it?). Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 1998 is a delight for the palate, and I can ensure you that also like red wine drinkers love it so for sure your father will be very happy because this is a very good wine, with the added value of coming from one of the oldest wineries in the Rioja, which still produces all its wines in the traditional manner.

Although, whatever they say, a classic is a classic, and the typical tie looks better if it comes together with a bottle of brandy, am I right or not? My proposal sets aside all those expensive cognacs, we already know that they are there and that they are good, and goes along the lines of an affordable gift, a nice detail that your father will appreciate. Martell V.S. is a harmonious cognac with a long tradition behind it, one hundred and fifty years of history that give character to its fresh and velvety flavour in which you can easily recognize the wooden notes.

More suggestions? Here you are:

 TAGS:Brandy Soberano 1LBrandy Soberano 1L

Brandy Soberano 1L



 TAGS:Diemersfontein Pinotage 2011Diemersfontein Pinotage 2011

Diemersfontein Pinotage 2011

Which type of brandy is Napoleon?

 TAGS:Whenever I have to talk about brandy or cognac I have the certainty that someone will not be happy with my words. But let’s try. We agree that cognac is a type of brandy that is distilled twice and that comes from white grapes which origin is close to the French city with the same name, Cognac. But then what is the brandy? And which type of brandy is brandy Napoleon?

Brandy is nothing but a type of spirit obtained from the distillation of wine (although there are brandy varieties that can include cereal or other fruits besides grapes in the process). It is not true that brandy can only come from outside France as a cognac replacement. In fact there are many French brands of brandy.

There is a fact that makes explanations about each other even more confusing, as there was a time when French distilleries used the name “Napoleon” to refer to their best cognac. Even despite that when today we buy Napoleon usually what we are buying is brandy. Take that.

The point is that in the end they decided to unify criteria and instead of using names like Napoleon or Lepanto (which today is also a brandy brand, such are the twists and turns of life) they agreed to use acronyms like OX, VS or VSOP.

Coinciding with the time, more or less, many brands of brandy decided to name their products Napoleon, as a symbol of prestige and quality, in reference to these exclusive cognacs of French origin.

The truth is that in those first moments of designations transition, spirits marketing and confusion everything happened. There was very good brands that were marketed under that name and there were also some others not so good which were called exactly the same.

However, time has proved right to the top, they are the ones who have been able to endure and have had the support of consumers. For example, in Spain we have the example of Gonzalez Byass, who since 1835 has been dedicated to the world of wines and spirits.

Their products are synonym for quality and that is the reason why this family business is already a large group responsible for brands like Tio Pepe or Viñas del Vero, regarding wine, but also Lepanto or Napoleon, in what refers to brandy.

Origin of port wine

 TAGS:Great Britain not only made famous tea and whisky. Despite barely not producing wine, it also made great contributions to the development of global viticulture: British were the ones who discovered port wine. The history of this Portuguese wine dates back several centuries in the past, but it was only in the seventeenth century when English imposed it on the rest of the world. Great Britain was at war with France, which forced the Crown to declare the embargo on products from that country. It was in search of quality wines to replace the French that its citizens found that different drink, with a greater than usual alcohol content and a dry or sweet flavour, which surprised even the most demanding.

Its secret lay in the addition of several liters of brandy per barrel during fermentation in order to retain some of the natural sugar in the grape. The interest aroused in England by port wine made many investments from that country to establish in the area surrounding the Portuguese city of Oporto, giving great impetus to viticulture in the region. Some of those wineries still retain the English names of its founders, ?Croft?, ?Offley?, ?Gordon rahams?, ?Sandeman?, ?Dow?, ?Warre?.

By the mid-eighteenth century, the port wine received a final boost when the Portuguese Crown created by law the current Real Companhia Velha, the oldest winery for elaboration of port wine, and immediately after, between 1758 and 1761, delimited the region for port wine production, giving birth to the world’s oldest appellation, prior to that of French wines. From that date are definitively established the processing methods that are still respected today.

The wines, made from over 12 varieties of grapes, white and red, are fermented in the cellars located in the alto Douro (name given to the Douro River as it passes through Portugal), near the terraced vineyards installed on the slopes of the hills. After development of the fermentation, when the yeast still have not consumed all the sugar, it is added brandy (spirit of wine), preventing the further fermentation and sweetening the drink. Once completed, the port wine is moved downstream to aging in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, facing the city of Oporto, near the Atlantic Ocean.

Cocktails with Brandy (I)

 TAGS:Brandy is a spirit drink obtained from the distillation of wine, but his fame transcends for other reasons, such as its great taste, as a beverage which has a lot of tradition and because of its style. Know some of the most exquisite cocktails made with brandy.

The best of the cocktails with brandy is their deep taste, really intense. Today we will show you with these cocktails:

– Green Room

– Brandy Alexander

– B&B

Green Room

This unique cocktail is named after a famous phrase used in the theater, where actors waiting to go on stage, perhaps were encouraged to enter with this cocktail.



Mix in a cocktail glass the brandy, vermouth, curacao and crushed ice, shake for 20 seconds.

Serve in tall or cocktail glass on the rocks.

 TAGS:Brandy Alexander

It is said that this cocktail was created at the wedding of Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood and Viscount Lascelles, back in 1922 in the city of London, but it is also said that it was made after the famous Russian Tsar Alexander II, and finally it is also believed to be made after the name to the theater critic of The New Yorker, Alexander Woollcott. As you can see the origin of this cocktail is uncertain, but what we are sure is that the cocktail is very good.


  • 1 part brandy
  • 1 part of creme de cacao
  • 1 part cream
  • Crushed ice
  • Grated nutmeg 


Mix in a cocktail glass the brandy, creme de cacao, cream and crushed ice, shake for 20 seconds.

Serve in a cocktail glass and garnish with grated nutmeg.


There are many cocktails called ?duets?, prepared using only 2 ingredients.

But among these, this one stands out for its simplicity and great taste. The French liqueur Bénédictine made of herbs brings the taste of its 27 herbs, and the brandy undoubtedly brings its strength and color.

The mixture of herbal liqueur and brandy is highly alcoholic, so it’s a cocktail to drink in moderation.


  • 1 part brandy
  • 1 part benedictine liqueur 


Pour hot water in a globe glass, stir gently, draw the water and dry the cup. Immediately add the brandy and the benedictine and stir slightly.

If you like you can add crushed ice to your cocktail. Wanna taste one of these cocktails? Let us suggest you a pair of good brandies:

 TAGS:Gran Duque de AlbaGran Duque de Alba

A classic sherry brandy, among the best ever.

 TAGS:Buy Gran Duque de Alba 22,75?

 TAGS:Mascaro V.O.Mascaró V.O.

In the spanish Penedes region are produced some of the most modern brandies, ideal for cocktails.

Buy Mascaro V.O. 11,17?

Difference between Brandy and Cognac

brandy y coñac

Brandy and cognac are two spirits, but in addition to the obvious coincidence we find a great controversy between the similarity and its differences. Lets Know a little more of these traditional drinks and their undeniable familiarity and similarity.

Differences between Brandy and Cognac

  • Brandy is a distilled beverage made on the basis of wine. In the other hand, cognac is a type of brandy also distilled which is processed from the wine, but white grapes wine. Here is where we find its greatest difference.
  • Brandy is originally older than Cognac, although not very clear its crib, brandy got very popular in Europe in the fourteenth century, especially in France, Holland, England and Spain. On the other hand, cognac is of French origin and is named after the town of Cognac (coñac in Spanish)
  • The elaboration of of brandy and coñac are very similar, however there are some small differences witch become large when testing each drink. Among the major differences between the elaboration of brandy and cognac, of brandy is aged, which tends to be made in barrels.
  • Apart from the different strains used to prepare both beverages, there is a difference, cognac is made only with white grapes, -and brandy can be made by both strains (red and white).
  • The appellation of origin is another of the differences plain to see, remember that the cognac is unique from the French region of Cognac. The cognac made in this region obeys strict rules imposed by the BNIC (Bureau National Inter professionnel du Cognac), meaning that although the cognac is a brandy, cannot be produced outside the French borders, even if it follows the same process. This makes great confusion and controversy, because many cognacs are made outside of France, and they are called brandy just for that reason, that is a question that leads to discussion and confusion.

Perhaps the biggest difference between cognac and brandy is the taste, although there’s no need to be an expert to realize, there are several small differences in their aromas, flavours and, of course, colours. In what we all agree, is that both, brandy and and cognac are two great drinks full of history and tradition.

 TAGS:Cardenal MendozaCardenal Mendoza

This is one of the mid range Spanish brandies most commonly consumed for its softness, its aromas and excellent value for money.

Buy Cardenal Mendoza 19,20



 TAGS:Hennessy Very SpecialHennessy Very Special

Hennessy is the more universal French Cognac brand. Very fine, ideal even for mixing in the most sophisticated cocktails.

 TAGS:Buy Hennessy Very Special 24,19