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 TAGS:New forms of marketing also make their way between among wine, beer and spirits producers, who do not get in the past and bet on social networks as a means of dissemination Who does not have a Facebook profile nowadays? Well, I do not, but that is the rhetorical question that had raised in many businessmen minds while they stay behind their stills and vats, concluding that if it’s free and multitudinous, it cannot be left out.

The truth is that the more traditional marketing techniques seems to be running outdated by the new trends, which are oriented in a more friendly way, complete opposite than the aggressive trading styles of the past, that only give the laughter nowadays. Today nobody will buy a wine just because they have seen a commercial posted on the highway or because it is offered by a bimbo on television (okay, okay, yes the latter argument can convince a large number of potential customers, …about half of the population).

Anyway, now you can be part of the circle of Facebook friends of Coors, Carlsberg or the Smirnoff vodka; you can also witness how the number of people who watch the fun Heineken videos that every so often their advertising ideologues responsible upload on YouTube, or follow the tweets from Jack Daniel’s (you must admit that you would like to know what’s on these guys, especially on a Friday or Saturday night!).

It seems that breweries are the most modern companies, at least marketing related. You just have to take a look on the endless lists of followers of Brewdog or Budweiser. However, we can also speak of social media experts in the lists of Jim Beam and Bacardi.

But what about the wine? Weren’t you just wondering about it? Well, they have also joined this trend. Most Spanish wineries from Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Extremadura, Cariñena, Penedes, etc … are on Facebook, but some, like the original Bodega Rosalia de Castro, where the delicious and modern Paco & Lola Albariño comes from, also have blog … this really is a new era.

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