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The 10 most watched online drinks ads


An investigation by the Rebel video company unveiled results according to which the online advertising  videos of the beer brands Budweiser, Heineken, Carlsberg Beer and vodka Neft represent 97% of visited drinks video ads on the internet, yet they represent only 1% of the total existing drink ads available in the network.

Through time beer brands have been the leaders of the drink brand who were making video advertising. If you haven’t seen them, we recommend you to watch the commercials:

  •  Bud Light Swear Jar: Launched six years ago and viewed 5.8 million times it is the best proof that rest and interaction of a the working group provide better results.
  • The Candidate – Heineken: It is an ad that anyone who has attended a job interview will feel close to. It is very fun.

  • Men with Talent – Heineken: Another Heineken ad will steal you a laugh in just 42 seconds, men gathered to enjoy a program of Heineken ‘male with talent’ show.

  • Wassup – Budweiser: Other commercial with interesting content has received 5.5 million visits, for the typical call a group of friends make from home to know that others are doing and have a laugh, with a beer in hand and the game on TV.

  • Standing up for a friend: An emergency call tests your best friend; your loyalty is celebrated with a beer. Has been viewed 8.2 million times.

  • Heineken – A dressing for men: This is the male version of the most precious place to women: her dressing, and has been viewed 14 million times.

  • Neft Vodka: It’s a controversial music video in which the Neft vodka makes appearance and has been viewed 14 million times. Start small pace, but ends up becoming a wild video:

  • That Deserves a Carlsberg: A promotional video in which several couples are tested. They have to enter in a cinema in which there are only two seats and the rest is occupied by huge men, viewed 19 million times.

  • 9/11 Budweiser: It’s a tribute the the victims of the events of September 9/11. Transmitted only once in the superbowl, it has been viewed 9 million times on the Internet
  • The Budweiser Clydesdales: Transmits emotional energy through music and the image of a man and his horse, has been viewed 15 million times.

Those last 3 month these ads received many visits, either for the summer and need of refreshing options or simply for the brilliant mind of their creators. Another news is the distribution of video on social networks, it has started to fall at the hands of Diageo and SAB Miller and the small number of wine brands that have started to catapult their sales using video advertising through Internet.







Budweiser, best comercials

Budweiser is the brand of beer per excellence. Actual, young, dynamic …

But if anything that distinguishes this brand is their creativity when submitting their image. Today we shaw you some of the advertisements of this brand have been most successful worldwide. Hope you like:

Most of their ads talk about friendship, of the good times and what is shared over a beer. But there is always a time for humor:

No doubt, the most successful advert in the history of Budweiser is this one:

Because a Budweiser is synonymous of friendship, sharing good times. And to share those moments any resource is necessary, even it may not seem so at first …

Would you care for a Budweiser?