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Shops that sell in Uvinum: Cento Vigne

 TAGS:undefinedThis week we spoke with the leaders of Cento Vigne Italia, another of the stores that sell in Uvinum, to know them more thoroughly and learn from their way of approaching the world of wine and the online store, as well as to discover its recommendations for wine lovers. Do you like to know them a little more? Here’s our interview with them:

How did you start?

Cento Vigne Italia starded in February 2013 by a small Team of Wine Lovers heavily involved in Social Media Marketing. The aim was to offer a wide selection of undiscovered wineries to the vast international web customers. We concentrate mainly in small italian wineries but offer a decent selection of small international wineries as well.

What’s your speciality?

We pay great attention to indigenous varieries that is very difficult to find online and offline. Hidden Gems from Italy, Burgundy and Champagne with somme pearls from Califormia and South Africa as well. We offer the widest range of niche, artisan wines made by small but great winemakers that inspires us every single day with their stories, their efforts and the enormous passion for wine we share with them.

What do you recommend?

Our recommendation is the Italian “Metodo Classico”, sparkling wine refermented in the bottle. A vast offer that incluses indegenous grapes.

What is your last discovery?

Our last discovery is “Gavi”, a small appellation from a region that makes some of the world’s best reds: Piedmont. Gavi is an area that borders with Liguria and gets some influence from the Mediterranean Sea. The soil is full of minerals and this is reflected in the caracter of these wonderfull white wines. 

 TAGS:Morgassi Superiore Gavi Di Gavi 2013Morgassi Superiore Gavi Di Gavi 2013

Morgassi Superiore Gavi Di Gavi 2013



 TAGS:Giusti Lacrima Di Morro D'Alba 2012Giusti Lacrima Di Morro D’Alba 2012

Giusti Lacrima Di Morro D’Alba 2012



 TAGS:Balter Trento Brut Metodo Classico ChardonnayBalter Trento Brut Metodo Classico Chardonnay

Balter Trento Brut Metodo Classico Chardonnay