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From Blue Wines to Green ones, is that what innovation it’s about?



While tradition is a feature of great importance wine lovers, so is innovation. That is why day to day the youngest cellars work to develop new recipes and formulas capable of surprising the most expert palates; not only for its delicious taste, but also for its color. A year ago we talked about the birth of Gïk Live, the first blue wine in the world created by young entrepreneurs in the Basque Country, and now it’s time to talk about green wine: a drink that combines the intoxicating effects of alcohol and cannabis.

The real name of this brew is Canna Vine, and it consists of a marijuana distilled wine that is produced in California (United States), the only place in the world where its sale is currently allowed. The consumption of this drink is regulated, limiting its sales exclusively for therapeutic use under medical prescription.

The current fame of green wine is due to celebrities such as singer Melissa Etheridge or TV presenter Chelsea Handler, who have publicly admitted that they consume it habitually since they started to undergo their respective chemotherapy treatments. In fact, this drink is so adapted to their lifestyles that they no longer consider it as another medicine of their treatment but as one more element of their daily diet; Etheridge confessed in an interview that she even serves it for dinner.

It is estimated that in the future it will be freely marketed, where permitted by law, in the rest of the world. However, its high price – between $ 120 and $ 400 per half bottle – represents a restriction for the vast majority of pockets, so it’s considered as an exclusive drink. Even so, the supply of green wine produced in California grows day by day through new specialized wineries that make their way between medicinal growers and those veteran wineries that made the wines of this region famous.

 TAGS:Gïk Live (blue wine)Gïk Live (blue wine)

Gïk Live (blue wine)



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Pasion Blue Chardonnay (blue wine) 2015

The surprising wine from California

 - California is the fourth largest wine producer in the world, ranking first place in wine consumption in the United States, followed by Florida and then New York. The truth is that California wine has gained worldwide recognition due to the richness and variety of soil conditions and microclimates that exist in that area.

In this state there are 107 American Viticultural Areas and each of them has different varieties of wine grapes. These areas are recognized by the U.S. Government since they testify the variety of microclimates in the region, which has over 60,000 registered wine labels.

Each year, tourists visit the wine regions of California exploring over 2,000 wineries and a variety of cultural attractions to be found there. It should be noted that the varied terrain of California, with all its mountains, valleys and deserts, provides an almost unlimited variety of favorable microclimates suitable for cultivation of certain specific varieties of grapes which produce premium wines.

The Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes produce excellent white wines, while zinfandel grapes are a well known Californian variety that produces an excellent red wine. Among the wine regions of California highlights El Paso Robles Wine Country, which is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles along California’s central coast. It has 24 square mile territory that includes more than 26,000 hectares of vineyards and nearly 200 wineries.

Another valued region is San Luis Obispo, a growing region located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in California’s Central Coast. It has 26,400 hectares of wine grapes and about 90 wineries.

It is also famous the Santa Barbara region, that lies above the city of Los Angeles in California’s Central Coast, where are popular the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines and some crispy textures from Sauvignon and Riesling, while Mendocino County, located in northern San Francisco, is known by its Sauvignon Gewurztraminer and Zinfandel.

And we can not forget the famous wine region of Napa Valley, 5 km from San Francisco on the northern coast of California, which produces the best Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot. There are signs in almost all corners that invite you to take a tour or a complimentary wine tasting at its local wineries. Some of these vineyards are beautiful properties with palatial mansions and European castle styles.