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Caribbean Rum

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The Caribbean is one of the most paradisiacal areas of the world, there is no doubt, but it also has a reputation for having the best rum in the world, a fact that would have no discussion. The Caribbean is made up of countries with a long tradition of rum, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic first order and in a second order, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica without forgetting Mexico and Panama, but on a smaller scale.

Rum of the Caribbean

We begin our tour of Caribbean rums by Jamaica, the country of reggae and Rastafarian philosophy have as between the most sold and emblematic rums of the Caribbean and the world, as Appleton.

In Jamaica we go to the “Isla del Encanto”, we refer to Puerto Rico, here we find one of the major distilleries, we refer to Bacardi (with such a complete range and rhums as Bacardi Lemon or Bacardi Select), a company with presence also in the Bahamas and Cuba, but the Puerto Rican distillery is still the most important in the Caribbean, but not only this brand is so famous in around here, we must also appoint Don Q, Captain Morgan (or Captain Morgan), Palo Viejo, Castle Rum and Rum Barrito.

In the same Caribbean Sea we find the Dominican Republic another country with a long tradition in rums, such as Barceló, Brugal and Bermudez, and in second order we find Siboney Rum, and Don Macorix. Note that the Dominican Republic produces the Matusalem, which originally has a Cuban origin. An important company is also Brugal, with rums as important as Brugal 1888,

Speaking of Cuba, the island is also famous for its cigars, its sugar cane and, of course, its Havana Club rum and Cubay Rum, besides the old Matusalem, both with a long tradition in the Cuban island, but we also find rums of second order as Arecha, Santiago de Cuba, Varadero and Legendario. It´s also important the Guayabita del Pinar Rum.

Nor should we forget the rums of the French Caribbean islands like Martinique, where they produced some such as Saint James Blanc Rum, Amazona Rum, Ron Negrita and Mangoustan’s Rhum, so does Navy Rum in the british islands.

In Central America it is worth mentioning some brands, such as in Guatemala Zacapa Centenario and we have their most international Rum, called Botrán. Speaking of rum in Nicaragua is no doubt speaking about Flor de Caña rum, one of the fastest growing in recent years. Panama’s best selling rum is Abuelo.

Venezuela is a country a large Caribbean side here we find the Cacique Rum and Santa Teresa and, of course, the Ron Diplomatico.

Very similar happens in Colombia, in the land of the cumbia there are very famous rums such as Ron Viejo de Caldas and Medellin Añejo, and in a second order, Old San Juan Run, Ron Cauca and Three Corners.

Shall we go on a tour around the Caribbean? We recommend 2 of the highest quality rums:

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The Barcelo Imperial Rum is the best selling of the brand.

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 TAGS:Ron Matusalem 10 AñosRon Matusalem 10 Años

Matusalem, a rum born in Cuba which is made today in the Dominican Republic.

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