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Portuguese cuisine for beginners


Portuguese cuisine can be considered part of Mediterranean cuisine. Its 3 axes are bread, wine, and oil. But it also has a significant influence from the Portuguese ex-colonies of Asia, Africa and Latin America (Brazilian cuisine), mostly in the use of spices such as piri piri, paprika and cinnamon.

What is the basis of Portuguese cuisine? We will briefly explain below.

1. Bread:

The bread (called PAN or PAO) is one of the basic elements of Portuguese cuisine. It is not always made with wheat flour but is frequent made of corn (especially in northern Portugal). The bread is part of very traditional dishes such as açordas and breadcrumb lentils. Among the best known you find the round loaves and medium-sized Broa de Avintes called Fogaça and “caralhotas” Almeirim. The “pão-com-chouriço” are consumed at fairs and festivals. While in northern Portugal, the “balls” are popular (bolas) they are similar to rolls but are stuffed with minced meat inside them. In this case, it is a good choice to combine with a good port wine.

2. Fish and seafood:

There are a variety of Portuguese dishes based on fish and shellfish. They eat a lot of freshwater fish. With the exception of the cod, which is very present in the Portuguese cuisine. For a better the conservation of this fish, it is usually dried with salt, since it is often consumed in areas distant from the sea.

3. Soups:

During Fall and Winter, soups are an extremely popular part of the Portuguese cuisine. Among them, we find the chestnut soup that also can be eaten sweet, green broth consisting of sausage, cabbage, and potatoes that can be paired with a good red wine and “fejoada”. To achieve a good pairing, we recommend warm wines, preferably a rustic variety of Carignan.

4. Wines:

In addition to Porto and Madeira, there are also green wines from the north,  white wines and young Porto (generally made in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia), Madeira wine Carcavelos, or muscatel of Setubal, and also the red wine Borba or Dão, among others. However, wines from Portugal deserve a separate chapter… Stay tunned!

 TAGS:Ferreira Dona Antonia ReservaFerreira Dona Antonia Reserva

Ferreira Dona Antonia Reserva: a fortified wine from Port made of tinta barroca, touriga franca, tinto cão, tinta amarela, tempranillo, tinta çao, port, tinta roriz, touriga nacional and touriga francesa and presents an alcohol content of 20.00%.



 TAGS:Blandy's Duke Of Clarence RichBlandy’s Duke Of Clarence Rich

Blandy’s Duke Of Clarence Rich: a fortified wine from the region of Madeira and shows an alcoholic content of 19%. 



Lamb stew with wine


The dishes taste better with wine. Today, after the most delicious recipes that include wine, I recommend this recipe for lamb stew with wine. I assure you that you will enjoy it!


  • 1 leg of lamb
  • 1 glass of red wine, a good Carignan or Calatayud red will be perfect.
  • 1 yogurt
  • A pinch of curry
  • 1 onion
  • Water, oil, salt and pepper
  • Flour
  • Mint


This delicious dish is easy to prepare. What is sought is the diversity of flavors, with a spicy touch of curry and oriental flavors. The recipe is for about four people.

For starters, take the lamb pieces previously cut from the butcher. It is better if they are cut so you do not have to do it, you will go much faster. Enter the lamb in a pan with oil, add salt.

Warm a frying pan with oil, chopped onion and mix properly. Insert the lamb pieces, pour the red wine, a pinch of curry powder and cover with water. Let stand for about 15 minutes until the meat is tenderer.

To accompany the meat, we have several options: fry the vegetables separately and then add them to the pan to combine. Another option is to do some apples next to the meat. Put them in a saucepan to brown. We can add some yogurt to mix with apples and meat. This touch is used to create more oriental flavours. At the time to decorate the dish, add a little pepper, parsley or some type of mint leaves, usually important in oriental cuisine.

And what do we have to accompany this dish? Today we recommend you:

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Espelt Old Vines Carignan 2011



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Chateau Saintroch Chimeres Côtes Du Roussillon Villages 2008

Breaded Artichokes with Spanish sauce

 TAGS:Breaded Artichokes with Spanish sauce are part of Spanish cuisine. This simple dish is very healthy and it?s easy to cook for 4 people. Ideal to have in mind when making a family lunch.

Furthermore, artichokes are famous for the fibers, carbohydrates and protein they provide. It is highly digestive, so it works as an alternative treatment for diseases such as rheumatism, and problem of problems gallbladder stones.


  • 12 Artichokes
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 1 Leek
  • Half a glass of red wine, a fruity young red wine like Cariñena wine
  • 30 grams of flour
  • 600 ml of beef broth
  • Water
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Parsley
  • I beaten egg 


Step 1:
To prepare the Spanish sauce you must chop the onion, leek and carrot and put it to fry in a pan with olive oil.

Step 2:
Season, add the flour. Then pour the wine, you make it boil to get the alcohol to evaporate and then add the beef broth gradually, stirring constantly.

Step 3:
Add salt and cook everything prepared before for about 30 minutes over medium heat.

Step 4:
Triturated in a blender, strain your Spanish sauce and reserve to continue.

Step 5:
Peel the artichokes, and cook in a pan with water, salt and a few sprigs of parsley for 10 or 12 minutes. Now drain and leave them to warm.

Step 6:
Remove surface leaves of the artichokes and cut them in half, then season them to finally pass them in flour and beaten egg with salt and fry in a pan with hot oil.

Step 7:
Drain artichokes dipped in a plate with paper towels and place on a dish and prepare to serve.

Step 8:
Serve the Spanish sauce in a bowl and place the artichokes on top, you can decorate with some parsley leaves chopped very small.

And to drink with it? Today we recommend:

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Sandeman Armada Cream



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Azpilicueta Reserva 2007