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Carnival drinks from all over the world

 TAGS:Each year, by the beginning of February I start to get “Mariacaipirinha” and “Magalenha”, both of Carlinhos Brown, settled in my head. It is the spirit of carnival which is also the guilty of my fondness for the most exotic drinks like cachaça.

The samba, those streets flooded of colours, men with maracas in hand, women dressed in sequins bikinis with all kinds of accessories, such as Victoria’s Secret but in its most rampant version. They are for sure the best promotion of Brazil and the Cachaça.

Lime, sugar, lots of crushed ice and Leblon, Sambao, Ypioca, 51 or Pitu. All cachaças are good and it is worth to go tasting different ones until you find the one that more goes with you, that one which gives you the spark and also give it to your parties.

If we change the girls in bikinis and heels for the most varied groups of people dressed with extravagant costumes, we substitute samba and for jokes … that’s it: we are in Cadiz! Another kind of carnival that has nothing to envy the Brazilian.

Carnival in Cadiz is also run in the street although the cocktails are not that much exotic, but quite the opposite. We must also say that since you taste “rebujito” once there’s nothing that can stop you. Seven Up or Sprite and Manzanilla wine, what a combination!

Meanwhile purists drink Manzanilla solo. Solo but not alone, because the city of Cádiz during carnival season is overflowing with locals, visitors and all kinds of people wanting to party. And I can vouch for it: in Cadiz the party never ends.

Finally, we cannot end this selection of the best carnivals and the best drinks in the world without talking about the carnival of Tenerife. And what is the most typical drink during carnival in Tenerife? Well, it is Ron miel (honey rum, among other things).

Ron Miel is one of those drinks that should not be limited to one week per year, but would have to be exported to all seasons, months and weekends (well, not so much as there is also wine and beer). Arehucas and Dominican are two of my favorite brands to drink alone or as part of various long drinks.

So if you already have your costume or if you plan to travel to any of these destinations for Carnival, intone “Life is a Carnival” by Celia Cruz or “Carnival, carnival” by Georgie Dann and hold on to your favorite drink. Let’s have fun!

 TAGS:Ron Miel ArehucasRon Miel Arehucas

Ron Miel Arehucas, the best-seller in Canary Islands



 TAGS:Manzanilla la GitanaManzanilla la Gitana

Manzanilla la Gitana, carnival’s queen