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Penedes: Wine tours in Spain


Penedès is a wine-producing areas of Europe, besides imposing historical territory of the autonomous community of Catalonia, it is subdivided into the regions of Alto Penedès , Garraf and the Bajo Penedès.

One of the most outstanding drinks of Penedes is the cava, s produced in greater quantity than in other Spanish regions. It has a designation of origin for the production of red and white wines too.

Like in any wine route, in Penedes you can taste delicious dishes of local gastronomy among which are the poultry, breed roosters, ducks, homemade sausages and pastries. Besides enjoying traditional music, tastings of wines produced in the area, workshops and guided walks .

In the Penedes you can enjoy beautiful landscapes filled with vineyards, castles and old neighborhoods that invite tourists to learn more about its history, talking about traditional wines production, but also about the new varieties introduced in recent years.

Penedes soils are high in phosphorus and low in potassium, irregular appearance from the sea to the mountain of Montserrat, this area is 800 meters above sea level and the climate is the typical Mediterranean climate.

The red wines of Penedes are usually aromatic, full-bodied and of intense colors, while whites are fruity and cellars give excellent reputation with excellent quality and flavor.

Numerous options are open once you are in Penedes, with castles routes, guided tours to natural  park, festivals, fairs, beautiful architecture, and much more that you can enjoy in groups of friends, families and couples .

In short Penedes is another jewel of Spain full of wines, vineyards attractions, history and warm hospitality you cannot miss to enjoy culture and unforgettable moments.

Today we recommend 2 of the best valued catalonian wines:

 TAGS:Cresta RosaCresta Rosa

Cresta Rosa, light bubbles to enjoy a fresh rosé



 TAGS:Cordon Negro BrutCordon Negro Brut

Cordon Negro Brut, a good sparkling for a perfect prize

White Garnacha, a treasure of the Mediterranean

 - The Garnacha Blanca wine is a mediterranean variety that derives from a mutation of the Garnacha Noir. From the 40.000 hectars that exist in the world, 25.000 are located in the spanish Mediterranean, between Navarra, Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia.

 The area that developped and protected the White Garnacha the most, is without any doubt the region of Terra Alta. In this region they identified and promoted the white wines of the Ribera d’Ebre of Tarragona, respecting and elaborating that variety.

Some of them are elaborated through fermentation and aged in barrels because Granach blanc wines need to age in order to taste better.

In that way, wines with a good body and high alcohol content are created. Shades of yellow are the dominating colours and their aromas are floral and fruity with a taste of understory, which confers originality to the wine. In the mouth it is soft, it has the right fat content and balance, with evident acidity and warmth, although you can also feel the freshness.

 TAGS:Edetaria Blanc 2010Edetaria Blanc 2010

Edetaria Blanc 2010



 TAGS:Bàrbara Forés Blanc 2011Bàrbara Forés Blanc 2011

Bàrbara Forés Blanc 2011



 TAGS:Odysseus Garnatxa Blanca 2011Odysseus Garnatxa Blanca 2011

Odysseus Garnatxa Blanca 2011



 TAGS:Jordi Miró Garnacha Blanca 2011Jordi Miró Garnacha Blanca 2011

Jordi Miró Garnacha Blanca 2011



 TAGS:Garnatxa Sols 50clGarnatxa Sols 50cl

Garnatxa Sols 50cl