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ICANN puts off domains .wine and .vin

 TAGS:Regarding the suspension of the domains .wine y .vin, were unleashed all kinds of opinions. The European Commission has given its support to the measure, according to which domains will be suspended for a period of approximately two months.

This decision was directly taken by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to help owners of designations of origin to protect themselves against requests that may endanger the integrity of the industry.

Meanwhile, Brussels believes that the .wine and .vin domain programs should not be started until the rights of wine producers and consumers are protected.

Before the suspension of the .wine and .vin domains, Internet users were free to purchase them keeping or not a direct relationship with the geographic locations of the wine websites. One of the most serious consequences of these risks is the economic depreciation of designations of origin, affecting more, of course, to those with the highest market value on an international level.

These designations of origin with great importance in the international market are, for example, the Rioja and Bordeaux, so although at first it may seem an extreme measure, EC only wants to ensure the rights and rules of protection of geographical indications to be respected in Internet as they are in everyday life.

But regarding this matter, the approach of EFOW (European Federation of Origin Wines) and the CECRV (Spanish Conference of Regulatory Wine Boards) is more suspicious, fearing that these domains will be delegated in the future with no real control and protection as it has already happened.

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