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5 myths about champagne and sparkling wines that you must forget


Whether it is Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, English sparkling or any other sparkling wines, it is no secret that the world loves them for its effervescence and magic. That is why today we will bust 5 myths behind these delicious drinks:

1. They must open with a strong “pop”

Although doing it with a strong sound makes more spectacular, as we have been accustomed to from the movies, it is not always the best way. It is best to do it with a twist with the help of your hand and thumb of one hand and holding it from the bottom with the other at a 45 degree angle. A soft “Tsss” (like soda) should be heared, not a “pop”.

2. Use a spoon to keep it gaseous

This simply does not work, it is not possible. It was believed that by using a silver spoon, placing it inside the bottle for the handle to hang inside, would keep the air colder and, therefore, make the bubbles disappear more slowly. But it’s not like that.

3. The sparkling ones cause you the worst hangover

It is very common to hear this myth, but the reality is that, like any other alcoholic beverage, the sparkling ones can give you a bad hangover, everything depends on the amount consumed. And, at the same time, we mention that the bubbles will not make you get drunk faster.

4. Champagne should be served only as an aperitif

Traditionally, sparkling wines are seen as a celebration drink and served as appetizers at weddings and events of that style, however, they will combine very well with a wide variety of foods. You can prepare a rich dinner and enjoy a good champagne to go with it.

5. All sparkling wine is Champagne

This is not correct at all. And it is a very common mistake that people get confused by. Champagne is sparkling wine made using the champenoise method and is generally very high quality, thanks to its tradition and history. However, in many cases it is used as a synonym for sparkling. That term is not entirely correct, since each type of sparkling wine has its own signs of identity. Cheers!

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Elite athletics and champagne go hand in hand thanks to Usain Bolt and Mumm


Once again, a major Champagne producer as Mumm, has created an alliance with a public figure to be the face and CEO of the brand. This time, it is nothing more and nothing less than The world’s fastest man of Jamaican origin, Usain Bolt.

The company announced hiring the athlete through a video in which Bolt is appreciated by uncovering an emblematic bottle of champagne from the company with one of his gold medals. With eleven world titles and nine Olympic titles, Usain can afford that sort of thing. 

The campaign aims to innovate Mumm through original and effective ideas that provoke potential users with an irresistible desire to consume their champagne. He will also be, by his great fame, the spokesman and the image of the brand in the advertising campaigns that will be carried out in the near future.

In the words of the athlete himself, he said: “My main mission is to improve the image of Maison Mumm as a brand to celebrate our victories, and I want to invite all my followers around the world to raise their cup with me.” He added that he is honored to hold the reins as Executive Director of the company and said he intends to teach the whole world the meaning of celebrating and entertaining in a daring way.

Mumm has been recognized for being very involved in the sports world since they previously included well-known personalities of the industry among its main executives. In fact, the historic sponsorship of Formula 1 was declined this year as “insufficient” – only € 5 million – and the contract ended, which may be a reason why they are looking for new horizons and re-inventing themselves.

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