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What wines do celebrities drink?


Actresses, singers, leading figures of social life… they all influence us when making decisions, such as the fact of choosing one or another wine. Celebrities also drink wine and have their favorite, even some of them dare to elaborate it at their own cellars. Let us know what wines drink the celebrities, and take good note if you want to look like them!

Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor, famous for his roles in Terminator movies and by being governor of California for a time, has a somewhat refined taste and opts for Italian wines. Although it is also a good ambassador for the wines produced in California.

Michelle and Barack Obama. The US president and his wife are also prone to drink good wine. They like French and Italians, and even in his Chicago home have a big wine cellar with many references.

Keanu Reeves. The versatile actor is a passionate of the famous Italian wine Chianti. It is the wine made in the Italian region of Tuscany, distilling mild flavors.

Johnny Depp. Again French wines are positioned by celebrities, since Johnny Depp prefers Romanée Conti or Chateu Ségur Saint Estephe AOC wines.

Andres Iniesta. We know the passion of FC Barcelona player Andres Iniesta for the world of wine. So much that he has its own winery, located in Fuentealbilla, Albacete, where his family originated. Their wines belong to the D.O. Manchuela.

Francis Ford Coppola. The film director likes many different wines, but his favorite ones are from California. And he owns a cellar with his name, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, in California.

Antonio Banderas. In order to foster the Spanish culture, Antonio Banderas usually drink wine from Spain wherever he is. It also owns some shares in a cellar, Anta Banderas, with over 200 hectares of vineyards in Ribera del Duero. The actor was also looking elsewhere, for example in Penedes area, in Catalonia.

Would you like to try some of these wines? You have them at your fingertips with just one click!

 TAGS:Geografico Chianti Classico Montegiachi Riserva 2010Geografico Chianti Classico Montegiachi Riserva 2010

Geografico Chianti Classico Montegiachi Riserva 2010



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