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Burgundy wines: the smooth side of summer

 TAGS:Some Burgundy wines can be the best alternative for those warm summer dinners we have in mind. The heterogeneity of this region, one of the largest in France, forced to divide the recommendations for areas to focus on the best that each one has to offer.

We begin with the red wines from the Côte d’Or, where the prestige and quality go hand in hand to welcome their generous consumers. Among its two sub areas I prefer wines from the Côte de Beaune for this season.

I love Puligny wines for their exact point of acidity and especially for their delicate aftertaste. But what really gets me and hooks me every time I taste them is their combination of apple fruit notes that give an openness that transmit the joy of living in the region to us while we drink it.

Another good choice for food pairing at this time of the year would be the Beaujolais wines, in particular I would recommend the area called Fleurie. These wines, like the rest of wine in this area are light and very easy to drink because of the Gamay grape qualities as it is the main grape used in its elaboration. Its fruity and youthful elegance make these kind of wines ideal to succeed with them at any summer party.

Speaking of Burgundy wines to drink in these months I feel that I have to mention one of my favorite white wines: the Chablis. Although I am a lover of Sauvignon Blanc, I have to admit that when you drink a good Chablis you get soaked in the sublimation of Chardonnay, which reaches unattainable levels of color, aroma and taste, very difficult to equal. Its presence manages to transport us to the terrace of a cafe in Paris on a July afternoon.

Finally, I would like to mention the Mâconnais and within it the region of Pouilly – Fuisse, which white wines can improve over the time and so get to be a great discovery, if you know how to choose them right, because the uniformity in this area is nonexistent except in the item price which remains at significant levels.

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The wines of Chablis

Vinos Chablis

Chablis wine comes from the vineyards that have the same name. Chablis is located in the department of Yonne, which in turn is located within the wine region of Burgundy in France, surrounded by the river Serein. This famous wine region has a total area of approximately 4753 acres, called the Chablis vineyards.

“Chablis wine is exclusively a white wine and the authorized grapes for the elaboration are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc

The history of Chablis wines

The first Chablis vineyards are estimated to have been planted way back in the first century BC, but it is documented that only in the third century, it began to be developed as vineyards, on the time of the Emperor Probus (276-282). The story jumps up to the year 800, when the monks of Tours, who had benefited of lands in this place, started using them to plant vines and winemaking.

By the twelfth century the monks cultivated the vineyards with success around vineyards, where they built the warehouse “Petit Pontigny” that exists today. By the thirteenth century the expansion of Chablis wines was a fact and they had also won a deserved fame. But this lasted until the French Revolution, at the time the lands that belonged to the clergy, were sold to other growers, which for luck followed the tradition and making great Chablis until the present days.

Chablis wines appellation

According to the National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO), Chablis has 5 denominations of origin:

  • Saint-Bris – which uses exclusively the sauvignon blanc for its wines.
  • Petit Chablis wines – which is collected in the highlands of Chablis.
  • Chablis – Collected in the northeast slopes of Chablis.
  • Chablis Premier Cru – Collected on the plateau in the south and west of Chablis.
  • Chablis Grand Cru – Collected only in Chablis and Fyé

Now to start enjoying Chablis wines, here we give you some suggestions of some of their appellations:

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Calvet is one of the largest producers of France, concerned about making wines which represent the most classic of the country.

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A great a Premier Cru. Elegant, aromatic and silky. A Choice to enjoy a special evening of summer.

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