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Best Rioja Wines for under £10

 TAGS:undefinedWhen we think of Rioja we ‘re immediately referring to one of the most important wines from Spain and, of course, one of the most famous worldwide. A glass of Rioja is perfect to enjoy with some classic Iberian ham or a very good Spanish cheese. But more than that, it’s  an all-time-favourite for the Christmas season and family dinners that come with it.

The Tempranillo is the soul of this region. An autochthone grape variety that provides the wines with a fruity, young and easy-to-drink character. If you’re not sure which wine to offer, this wine is perfect for beginners and experienced wine lovers. Moreover, it’s very easy to pair with food and offers a good conversation topic. 

In order to enjoy a good Rioja, you don’t have to grab deep into your pockets. Spain offers very affordable wines at good quality. Discover here some great Riojan gems for under £10 to top off your Christmas season.

 TAGS:Cune CrianzaCune Crianza

Cune Crianza is a red wine with DOC Rioja, made from three grape varieties: Tempranillo, Grenache and Mazuelo. Ageing takes place in French and American oak barrels for 12 months. 


 TAGS:Viña Real Crianza 2014Viña Real Crianza 2014

Viña Real Crianza 2014: After harvesting good scores and reviews on its previous vintages, Viña Real Crianza 2014 is once again a benchmark to keep in mind for Crianza wine lovers


 TAGS:Luis Cañas Crianza 2014Luis Cañas Crianza 2014

Luis Cañas Crianza 2014, one of the most outstanding Rioja wines. This vintage excels for its tasty, spicy and elegant character, along with for an exceptional value for money. 


 TAGS:Baron de Ley Reserva 2012Baron de Ley Reserva 2012

Baron de Ley Reserva 2012 is mainly made from Tempranillo. Its long ageing period of 20 months in American oak barrels brings structure and complexity to a group that stands out for its intensity and balance


 TAGS:El Coto Crianza 2013El Coto Crianza 2013

El Coto Crianza 2013 is a classic Rioja wine, a wine to look good without spending too much money trying.

10 cheap (and quality) wines for a hard January


January comes, and after the Christmas holidays, your pocket is empty. Do not worry, you can keep buying quality and great flavored wine at affordable prices. Here you have some references to the dreaded ?January hill?. Take good note!

Paco Garcia Crianza 2010. A pure red that you could savor during the year 2015, thanks to its varieties of grapes, Tempranillo and Grenache. It has a Robert Parker score of 90 and you got it for £7.99.

 TAGS:Paco García Crianza 2010Paco García Crianza 2010

Paco García Crianza 2010



Urbion Cuvée 2010. A Rioja is a safe bet. Moreover, it is cool and pleasant, with high scores from Uvinum users and 90 at Robert Parker. Its price is outstanding, £3.33.

 TAGS:Urbion Cuvée 2010Urbion Cuvée 2010

Urbion Cuvée 2010



Flores de Callejo 2012. Write down on your wine list for the ?January hill? this Ribera del Duero. With a Peñín score of 88. It costs £5.46.

 TAGS:Flores de Callejo 2012Flores de Callejo 2012

Flores de Callejo 2012



Tarima 2012. The Monastrell variety is the protagonist of this wine, DO Alicante, with intense flavor. A perfect red wine for £4.71.

 TAGS:Tarima 2012Tarima 2012

Tarima 2012



Nisia Verdejo 2012. Quality, color and excellent flavor. Jorge Ordóñez & Co. produces a white Verdejo from DO Rueda, which scores no less than 95 points in the Peñín Guide. You can already purchase it for £7.28.

 TAGS:Nisia Verdejo 2012Nisia Verdejo 2012

Nisia Verdejo 2012




Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra 2012. From DO Terra Alta come high quality wines. One of them is the Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra, which is sold for £5.62.

 TAGS:Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra 2012Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra 2012

Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra 2012



Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010. Enjoy the flavors offered to the palate by the Monastrell grape variety. You can have this wine to consume it or give away for a round price of £4.85.

 TAGS:Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010

Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010




Kukuxumusu ?Beso de vino? Selección 2011. From DO Cariñena comes this wine made from grenache and syrah. For £3.53 you have a great wine, with the original label of Kukuxumusu’s fun designs.

 TAGS:Kukuxumusu Kukuxumusu “Beso de vino” Selección 2011

Kukuxumusu “Beso de vino” Selección 2011


Gaba do Xil Mencía 2012. Try new wines during this 2015. We recommend the Gaba do Xil Mencía, from DO Valdeorras. It costs £6.48.

 TAGS:Gaba do Xil Mencía 2012Gaba do Xil Mencía 2012

Gaba do Xil Mencía 2012



Tarima Orgánico 2012. Who said that organic is expensive? This wine is made from organic Monastrell vines and it costs £4.24.

 TAGS:Tarima Orgánico 2012Tarima Orgánico 2012

Tarima Orgánico 2012

Spanish cheap wines for this year

 TAGS:We go from one extreme to another and if a few days ago we talked about the most expensive wines in the world, today we make a compilation of good cheap wines for this 2013. I have decided that the origin of all of them had to be Spain. It would be very good if a lot of wine is sold, people gets happy, we manage to change the luck and the next year starts with good news, because it is about time.

Rucio, Soldepeñas, Monterio, Viña del Mar, Abadía del roble or Palacio del Conde are wines that only cost a Little more than one Euro. With prices like these there is no possible excuse for not to get a full cellar ready for this year. And it is also possible to find cava (Spanish sparkling wine) for less than two euros, at least in small doses: Codorniu Benjamins for one euro and a half. This is really a 2013 present.

Those who prefer a sweeter sparkling may choose to take home a bottle of Reymos, Muscat. This wine comes from Valencia and its price does not reach the four Euros which makes it perfect for this year to accompany the typical cakes, marzipan and all the delights that we use to enjoy at this time of the year.

Another way to save on wine and make a good buy at the same time is being aware of the wine sales on Uvinum. That?s one of the many advantages of buying wine online.

For example, this week, you can buy a good red wine from Priorat, like Perinet 2006 for less than half price. It costs 8.64 Euros and is my first proposal for wines under 10 Euros.

Señorío de Lazán Reserva 2005 would come right after in my ranking. This Somontano wine also has the 51% discount, so its price is now five Euros, which is nothing for what you take home, especially when you consider that it comes from Bodegas Pirineos.

Ramón Bilbao Edición Limitada 2008 and Protos Roble 2010, a Rioja and a Ribera del Duero that you cannot miss on your table for less than seven Euros each. It’s time to buy some boxes to be well supplied, in case the weather changes and do not feel like leaving home.

And finally, Habla del Silencio 2010, an extraordinary wine, like all from Bodegas Habla and which also only costs 8 pounds. It comes from Extremadura, so it will change your conception of the wines from this land and it will give you a chic and trendy input even to the most classic evening with its flavour,  its nuances, and the design of the bottle, in strict black and white.

Don’t believe the wine experts…

 TAGS:I keep defending my theory, shared by many, that you do not need to believe the wine experts (you don?t really have to listen to their advice) in order to buy the best wine, which is none other than the one you personally like most, we are thus subjective.

But marketing is a powerful tool that has helped brands and wineries which have had the good fortune of having taking a shine to the trend expert to get amazing benefits from it. That?s the trick.

Not that these critics and experts try to cheat or manipulate us, but the truth is that you cannot compare. The thing is that we are talking about people who are used to tasting wine. Privileged ones who have the chance to taste different types of wine (and usually all very good) every week, even every day.

Wine tasters in many cases also have an education that enables them to carry out their professional activity under that intellectual baggage that makes them get to understand even better what they are about to taste.

We mortals are lucky if we can vary often regarding wine brands, if we can try something new and we can feel even more fortunate when we get surprise with the release of that wine which we have decided that we will venture to buy.

So the summary of all the weapons we have to review a wine would be: an untrained palate: due to the lack of variety we are used to; difficulty recognizing nuances: because of our generally poor education as far as regards wines and grapes, and the most determinant variable of all: that everyone appreciates things differently (call it wines, colours, smells, etc…)

It has been shown that experts are able to recognize wine flavours and aromas where others find none or only a very slight perception. It is a biological difference, but it is also true that the culture and practice will help improving it.

So we should not be afraid of choosing our own wine instead of letting another well ? known or bombastic named man, who we don?t have the pleasure to meet, who chooses it for us. And if what we aspire to is to that elite of wine connoisseurs and experts, it is best to start practicing right now and not to be afraid to trying something new, instead of always buying those two or three brands we know for sure that we like, to avoid risk.