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How to choose the best corkscrew for you

 TAGS:Choosing a good corkscrew can take us a while, but keep in mind that this decision is important for our future enjoyment, so let’s buy a corkscrew for once and throw away that old one we have that any day will force us to dinner with water.

What can happen if we don?t know how to choose a good corkscrew? Based on my own experience I can say that almost everything. From corkscrews that bend or break off leaving you like a fool in front of your guest who has brought a forty euros wine for a perfect evening that your mean ?all-for-one-euro? corkscrew attempts to boycott. To the most painful situation, that one in which the corkscrew you bought in a sale few days ago breaks the cork, makes you lose an hour trying to push inside the other half of cork that still remains in the bottle with a knife (or fork), while you desperate salivate starting to believe that you won?t make it to taste it … dramatic.

Let?s try to relax a little bit, forget about these events (which have certainly made more than one feel identified) and in a display of pragmatism let?s review the most popular types of corkscrews that can be found on the market, so that everyone can choose the one they consider is most useful to them.

  • Butterfly corkscrew. This one you have to drive into the cork until the head of the corkscrew gets close to the lip of the bottle. At the same time, the wings have been rising, so pushing them down is all what?s left to get the cork out. Simple and easy to use, it does not require major investment to get a decent one.
  • The T (the classic one). To me this one is the most elegant of all kinds of corkscrew… until you have to use it. Sometimes I have even managed to open a bottle of wine with one of this and generally ?the force is not with me? so I prefer systems that don?t require me to be strong.
  • The sommelier corkscrew. I know this one very well, but it is also the one which has given me more trouble in their cheaper versions. Beware of sales.
  • The Wall mounted one: this type is large (write down this feature to your list of pros and cons), and it?s true that makes very simple (usually) the task of pulling the cork thanks to its easy going cork extraction system.
  • The Air pump corkscrew: wonderful and also available in various sizes. Prices also vary, as is the case with the designs and brands. This is the perfect corkscrew to give as a present and to get for oneself because we are worth it.
  • Finally, the Ah ? SO, also known as Butler?s friend, that help you extract the cork without it suffering any damage. This model is the perfect tool for collectors and for all kinds of crooks who want to cheat us. If somebody is considering getting one, must be aware of that practice is required.