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Tips on pairing wine and cured meat


They are two of the most exquisite delicacies. The wine, on the one hand, and the cured meats combined correctly they enhance each other and offer very special pairings.

Broadly speaking, cured meats, which are usually fatty, combines well with wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot, intense red wine and also with some sparkling white wines. For a serrano ham, star in Spain, is ideal to combine with red wine, generous, full-bodied, young red light, in addition to dry, and leading grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon. On the other hand, the fine and delicate sherries are very good with all kinds of cured meat, and especially with ham.

Who does not feel like a good bacon with fried eggs? Well it can be a first class plate if mix with a glass of young red wine, or a white wine with a stronger body.

Appreciated in all kitchens, the loin can be eaten in different ways, especially with bread and tomato, or in the form of a sandwich. This meat also benefits from pairing with red wine, especially if it is aged and of merlot grapes or tempranillo. Many DO will do well, but we recommend the Ribera del Duero wines that highlight the flavour loin greatly.

Iberian chorizo is made from pork. It is one of the best known and tastiest food products from Spain. The best wine to accompany the chorizo is preferably red (better if it’s fruity with red fruit flavours and a little acidity). Best choices are the wines made from the grape Syrah. They can be from Rioja to the lesser known of the DO Alicante, which is rising in popularity due to wines with intense flavour.

Salami, due to its composition, can be paired with a rose wine, or with a young red wine. Cured sausages are preferably combined with young red wines.

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